Mr.Number : Block Nnwanted Phone Calls in Android With App

Mr.Number Block and app to get rid of those spammy calls of stalkers and marketing companies.

Mr.Number: Block Unwanted Calls

Block Unwanted Phone Calls In Android

Mr.Number Known block calls in Android

As I continuously keep telling people, security is an enormous resource that everyone must keep at their fingertips. In this world where the virtual is taking over the real, it is very hard to keep track of things that are not tangible. Your digital wallet is not physical and so is not the amount of money that you can see in your account via net banking. Therefore, everybody should be doubly careful about what they are doing or sharing online so that nothing can be misappropriated. With the advancement of technology, thieves have also evolved. There are all kinds of online scams and corrupt practices going on that may result in you losing your hard earned money. Recently, the thing has even spread to criminals calling up people in the guise of bank officials and demanding account numbers and debit card information to activate something which they make sound important. To avoid this problem, users are now resorting to using caller ID and call blocking apps, one of which is the Mr. Number app.

android app to block mobile calls

Mr. Number-Block calls

Mr. Number features:

  • Mr.Number app makes blocking unwanted calls, and callers very comfortable and in doing so prevents people from taking up potentially dangerous calls. It provides users with the ability to block every call from an area, a particular phone number or all the individuals in the world.
  • Mr.NumberĀ app maintains a database of spammers, telemarketers, and other potentially suspicious people so that users are forewarned before taking up a call. This system is also community was driven which means that once a user tags a phone number as spam, the app waits for other such inputs and if 5 or 10 results like that show-up, then the number is automatically branded as spam.
  • This app has received a lot of accolades and prizes which signify its efficiency and the benefits it provides to its users. It has won PCMag’s award for being one of the best hundred Android apps, a similar award from the New York Times, and the best communications app from the Appy Awards, making it one of the most reliable names in this field.

So this is an app that you would want on your mobile phone to stay guarded against the most dangerous of callers. With over 10 million downloads and a user rating of 4.3 out of 5, this is a choice that will not go wrong. Also the fact that it comes free might help you make up your mind. Here is the

Here is the official Google Play Store download link if you want to get it now.

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