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Tubemate facebook, youtube Videos Downloader

TubeMate YouTube Downloader is an application for Android smartphone offering the user the ability to access the YouTube sharing site and download the videos can watch latter (offline). This is an equivalent of MxTube for Android. Once this application is installed on your phone, the user can watch videos on YouTube and watch them later on, even without any wifi or internet connection.

tubemate youtube vidoes downloader

Watching videos on the phone or any other mobile device is easy because of YouTube. The WiFi connection that we get in most of our homes, offices and other establishments nowadays makes it easier to do everything on our smartphones. The 3G/4G data connection when WiFi is not available is also capable enough to stream videos smoothly. However, the real problem arises when people are outside and in places where the network signal is not great. Watching videos then becomes a very big problem. A solution to this was released many years earlier in the form of software that could download videos instead of streaming it online. TubeMate is one of the most popular such services that provide the video download feature even for YouTube.

key Features of tubemate Application

TubeMate YouTube Downloader can play the role of a download manager that allows the user to transfer videos to the phone. The process is simple since it is enough to click on the shortcut menu to start the download. This app includes an option that allows users to download only the soundtrack of the video. It comes with the 2.0 version of the application :

  • This app not only allows users to download videos from YouTube directly but also you can choose to stream and watch when you are not in the mood to download. It is the biggest and best app that Android has in order to download YouTube videos.
  • TubeMate uses multiple connections in order to download videos faster than other apps. It works on the same principle as the Internet Download Manager by downloading a file from multiple sources instead of only one.
  • This service can also download videos from other websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe and others. It is not limited to YouTube video downloads only.
  • Downloads can be queued so that automatic downloads can progress without the user intervening and they can also be paused and resumed later, a feature that appears on very few apps.
  • The resolution that the video will be downloaded in can also be determined by the user and the clear segregation between the downloaded and downloading videos makes the app very clear and precise.
  • The user interface is much like the official YouTube app and, therefore, users are immediately at ease after launching the app for the first time.
  • The only apparent problems that have become quite prominent due to repeated user complaints include the instability of the app as it crashes many a time without any obvious reason and it reflects very slow speeds when downloading videos on the 2G network.

How to get TubeMate for your Android device?

In spite of some problems that users face while using this app, it is still one of the best regarding the download of videos. If you can cope up with the disadvantages, then it will serve you real good like it has been serving millions of users across the world. Now this app is not available on the Google Play Store because it violates some policies of Google’s code of ethics. It does have an official website, however, from where you can easily download and install the app once you select the device that you want it on. Before beginning the installation, ensure that your device supports the installation of apps and software from outside the official app stores. This is done by checking the Security option on most devices and enabling/trusting the developer of the app. You must also be very aware and turn off the Security exceptions that you turn on because leaving them unguarded and open might lead to a potential catastrophe due to malicious apps and hackers who might misuse the vulnerability.

Note: This article is about Educational Purpose we are not recommending you to download videos from youtube. Youtube not allow users to download videos

Download tubemate apk here

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