Geometry Dash PC How to Install It On Laptop/Computer

Geometry Dash PC

Android games have developed in leaps and bounds over time and the variety of games that are currently available on the Google Play Store is a real wonder. There are all types of games that are present here including racing games, strategy games, war games and many others. Geometry Dash is one such game that is available on the Google Play Store. This game was developed and released by Swedish developer Robert Topala under the publishing name RobTop Games. This is a single player Android game that is also available on other platforms like iOS, Windows Phone, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and others. This game is really simple to play but the attractive features and the vibrant display of the game has have attracted a lot of users. So let us now get into the game play which will enable us to understand how this game has been so popular from the time it was released, which was way back in 2013.

Geometry Dash pc

Geometry Dash gameplay:

  • This is one of the most popular games in the world and it is completely based on timing. The weird but fantastic thing about this game is the fact that here, instead of animals or people geometrical shapes form the basis of the game. The character that has to run through and complete the game is a square and the obstacles and hurdles that come in its path are all geometrical shapes of some kind ranging from triangles to circles.
  • Going by the execution or the gameplay, this game is very easy because there are only two things to do that is to jump by tapping and to jump repeatedly by pressing and holding the tapping button.
  • Obstacles include triangles and dropping objects from above in order to crash with the square which results in the ending of the game. The user has to be very careful while guiding the square to the end of the levels because a slight touch on any of the obstacles will result in a ‘game over‘. An annoying thing that the user has to keep in mind while playing this game is that once a ‘game over’ appears, the user has to start from the very beginning of the level irrespective of how far he/she might have reached.
  • Since the game completely revolves around human ability and error, there is a ‘practice mode’ where players can practice running through levels and jumping over obstacles in order to get it right for the main levels. The game is a tad bit frustrating because users have to continuously keep repeating the levels because it is quite difficult to pass one level in one go.
  • This game also allows the user to create his/her own levels which is a very advanced feature to have for a simple game like this. Users can create their own levels with obstacles placed at points they desire and they can then invite their friends and also the players from all over the world to clear the level that they have created.

How to get Geometry Dash on your Windows PC/Mac?

This game is really a wonderful one for gamers who are not easily frustrated but believe in perfection and therefore, if you are a gamer who wants to try it on a bigger screen for a better immersive experience then let me tell you that this game can be played on PC but it has to be installed in a particular way in order to do that. Follow the simple steps that I have listed below in order to get Geometry Dash on your PC/Mac.

  • Let me at the very beginning tell you that all Android games can be played on the PC but a separate software has to be installed on the PC so that a separate Android running environment can be created. This software is called an Android Emulator. There are many Android Emulators in the market but 2 of the most popular ones that are available currently are the BlueStacks App player and the Andy Android Emulator.
  • You first have to install either of these two software on your PC or Mac. Once you have downloaded and installed the Android Emulator, you can then simply launch the app.
  • On launching the app, you will find that the Android Emulator runs just like an Android smartphone, the only difference being that the Emulator runs on a bigger screen. So you just have to visit the app store from the Android Emulator and download and install the Geometry Dash app from there only.

So, as you can see, this is a great app that is really simple to download and install on your PC while at the same time you will also find out that this game is really a very absorbing one to play. Therefore, without further ado go onto the Play Store and install and play it.

For more details you can check this tutorial

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