Popcorn time Download for android, Iphone, Pad, Mac

Download Popcorn time For Android, Ipad, Iphone, Mac

Download Popcorn Time is a program for those who like to watch movies and TV shows online by the computer. From torrents around the internet, it offers a vast catalog of feature films and TV series that can be checked for high resolution.

With it, you do not have to search for a file or download a specialized program such as uTorrent or BitTorrent: simply choose the desired output, pop the popcorn and start the session.

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The search works in two ways: by research terms or genres. At first, just type a title excerpt (in English) to see if the desired movie or sitcom is in the catalog.

popcorn time for android

We have seen several times the advantages of video streaming based on P2P networks: the more want to see it, the better the quality of the distribution. So … why you wait for a complete download of these videos where we can leverage data for .torrent files? That is the question that developers Popcorn Time, an application that seems to have arrived just in time after closing Series Yonkis were made. popcorn time download

Popcorn Time search .torrent files of the most popular movies, localized version more quality and we played in the streaming skipping the download process thanks to customers like Transmission or uTorrent have become so familiar. All this in a free application with an interface that can not be simpler. popcorn time for android

Everything depends on what you have band width, but I made a test with my connection 100Mbps fiber and HD playback of movies is perfect. Wait a few seconds before, but as soon as we begin to see we can jump to any point in the video smoothly. At times I’ve had “jumps” in the frame, but nothing serious. We can even select the inclusion of subtitles. popcorn time for ipad

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Of course, this program is something to consider and bad news for distributors, who see P2P technology is still used for the benefit of piracy. No matter the size of the film: they are waiting a few seconds you can start watching it. Popcorn Time is compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux, and is free. popcorn time for mac

popcorn time download for android

Its time to open up the popcorn time app

But the other feature is for those who like to look further to find the proper production. In it, you use the left side of the menu and choose the favorite genre, such as action, comedy or horror. The list of films and other works are appearing in order of addition. popcorn time app download for android

By clicking once on the desired movie poster, you still have the option to select subtitles (if any) and the quality (usually 720p or 1080p), all in a menu in the right corner of the screen. In it, you can still check out some technical information projection, as synopsis, year, duration and evaluation Star.

With everything set up so just put the video to be reproduced in full or reduced screen, select the reproduction occurs with HD quality – if this is your desire – waiting for a piece of it is downloaded in advance and enjoy the hobby. They are numerous film and television productions to entertain you during your downtime. popcorn time ipad download

Above you gave a full description of the Popcorn Time and its features, now we know what it

Popcorn Time is a good entertainment option for those who like to watch movies and TV shows online by the computer, but is too lazy to use multiple programs until the session is complete. With this service, everything is easy, fast and efficient.

Watch Movies on High Definition In popcorn time app

The program interface is quite modern, remembering the choice of titles from Netflix. The productions are prepared with great pictures and good separation by gender or season, facilitating the search of the viewer. The video player is discrete, but it’s still beautiful.

And there’s no way not to mention the amount of feature films ready for viewing. There are dozens of results in almost all genres, so that you do not run out of what to watch. Another quality is the ability to attend productions in Full HD (1080p), ensuring high quality for home cinema.

Some small slips and tricks of this Popcorn time free movies application

But the service commits some slips. The first is to offer a few Portuguese resources, even though he is one of the menus languages. Only the most recent movies have subtitles (and is the language of Portugal), and productions of 2012 or earlier must now be conferred without the supporting text.

Another problem is that, by making the constant downloading a torrent and having to view HD content, the Popcorn Time consuming significant bandwidth of a connection, and require good speed to continue broadcasting in high quality. So if you want to access heavier sites while a video is open, you better have patience or leave later. download popcorn time for android

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