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8 Ball Pool apk

If you are looking for a good table game, and in particular, pool suits your choice, then look no further than Miniclip’s 8 Ball Pool. It is one of the most popular online games that has ever been made and there are millions of players who log in every day to get their daily dose of 8 Ball Pool. This game is all the more appealing because it allows players a chance to compete with real people from all over the world as opposed to most games that offer computer generated players. This game is available across all platforms, from Android to iOS and even on PCs via a browser extension. So let us now take a look at the gameplay and features of 8 Ball Pool which have made it so popular.

8 ball pool apk

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8 Ball Pool apk Raw, simple and addictive

During matches the gameplay is excellent, because the control scheme, which requires only to touch on the screen is very smooth and precise.┬áMoreover, the title display lines that indicate the angle of balls after a hit. Obviously, gamer’s willing to spend real money can get some advantages, but nothing that unbalance the title in an exaggerated way.┬áThe mechanics of betting is also quite interesting as it encourages players to not abandon matches and grow in the community.


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8 Ball Pool gameplay and features:


  • This is the foremost of all pool and billiard games because it allows for real competition in one-on-one Not only that it also offers players options to enter tournaments and win trophies and cue sticks. In the process, coins are also won which open up the scope of the game. More cue sticks can be bought, along with tables, and the ability to enter prestigious tournaments which require a sum of in-game currency to play.
  • The interface and appearance of the game are also a very big plus as it is minimalistic and consists of only the stats and other things that are required for the game to be played.
  • The aim of the game is to compete one-on-one against other players and gather XP and coins. After collecting a particular amount, it can be used to enter tournaments to earn bigger amounts and XP by winning. With bigger amounts, you can enter bigger tournaments or you could spend your coins to buy better cue sticks.
  • An interesting part of this game is that if you use your Facebook login to play this game, you can challenge your Facebook friends at any instant and win bragging rights by defeating them.
  • By undertaking all these processes that are mentioned above, you will do the most important thing in the game which is leveling up. This, in turn, will get you exclusive locations to play against the best players of the game.
  • The rule to play this game is simple. The player who pockets the first ball has to check what color the ball is. If it is a striped ball, then that player will have to pocket every striped ball on the board and end the game with the black ball. If the first ball to be pocketed is the solid colored one, then the player will have to clear all the solid colored balls while the opponent will clear the balls of the other variation. The first one who pockets all in his/her quota, wins.

How to get 8 Ball Pool?

8 Ball Pool is available on the Google Play Store and you can just visit and download and install the game. Then you have to log in with your Facebook or Google account and you are set to play.

8 Ball Pool APK Download

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