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Asphalt eight apk

If you’re a gamer and you haven’t heard about Asphalt 8 yet then you have probably been living under a rock! The latest edition of the Asphalt series has dropped, and it is easily one of the best motion sensor racing games available on smartphones and tablets. The Eighth edition of this premium racing game series published by Gameloft, titled ‘Airborne,’ indeed takes you to the heights of motion sensor gaming and the racing experience with its exciting gameplay and amazing graphics. Read on to find out about the game and necessary details about installation.

Asphalt 8 apk

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Asphalt 8 Game Play:

Firstly, the motion sensor in this game is probably the best you’ve played till date. Apart from the flying thrills, deadly rampages, supreme speed nitro boosts, it is the smooth steering sense that puts Asphalt 8 ahead of its peers. The acceleration can set to be automatic, and the screen is divided into two halves for controlling nitro and brake. It has always been the basic tenant of the Asphalt series, and they’ve stuck to it. There are multiple modes of racing offered, from classic races, road knockdowns, elimination races, to infection. It is an incredibly fun game as although through the eight levels the gameplay doesn’t develop, but the different modes of races are enough to keep one entertained through each of these exciting levels. The tracks have also been built magnificently ranging from busy streets of Tokyo to a ramped up London enough to provide you more thrills than your typical Brit!

Asphalt 8 Apk – What’s new:



As the title suggests, being Airborne gets you nitro boosts! Now this is triggered to your risk-reward dynamic, i.e. the riskier your stunt is, the more nitro you are rewarded. So basically now instead of avoiding those ramps you can hit them hard to get the nitro you need to touch the finish line first. However this means a choice between keeping a steady speed and giving up on speed to get your nitro stocked, so if you’re in for the last stretch, then this is gonna be a hard decision to make. I think this is a great addition to the game as it takes the decision-making gameplay to the next level.

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Things to look out in Asphalt 8

The concept of the ‘infected’ races is an all in all win! In this race, if the player gets infected the car receives unlimited nitro while surviving on a countdown that can be increased by spreading the infection by touching other cars. It is a huge breath of fresh air in the world of racing games, as most of them turn into the same old classic racing mania after a while. Huge ups to Gameloft for keeping the world of motion sensor racing games still an interesting one! Another thing that keeps this game a unique one is it’s in-game currency system and expenditure. The player receives stars upon finishing every race based on their performance, and these starts can be used to unlock new races and unlock new levels. Now most of these cars cost an enormous amount of stars while the earnings ratio is not quite enough. So the player has to be quite decisive while unlocking a new car. Another huge favorite of mine was being able to choose in-game music according to the type of the listener!

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What’s going down:

In game, ads have never been as irritating as before. Asphalt 8 is quite ad ridden, and the only thing these ads are telling you is that spending real money is going to make this game easier for you. Players are allowed to unlock new cars through either in game currency or actual money, now while this is understandable, the fact that Gameloft chooses to remind you this every once in a while kind of makes you feel less like a gamer maybe!

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The tech side:

‘Asphalt 8: Airborne’ has been made available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry systems. The game requires a whopping 1.8gb (once fully installed) and is available for free download at all the official app stores of the aforementioned operating systems.

How to download:

We suggest users to have a fast wi-fi connection while downloading Asphalt 8.

Asphalt 8 Apk For Android:

  • Open the Google Play store on your device
  • Search for the Asphalt 8 app
  • After reading the terms and conditions hit on download.

Asphalt 8 for iOS:

  • Open the iTunes app store on your device
  • Search for the Asphalt 8 app
  • After reading the terms and conditions hit on download.


Asphalt 8 apk Download

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