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B612 Apk

Its a great Camera app called B612 apk is a photo app specially designed for selfies that lets you apply lots of filters to your picture before sharing them through your favorite social media networks.

If you are fairly regular on Facebook , you will often come across people on your friendlist posting beautifully edited photos mostly selfies, with a watermark that says B612. If you don’t know what B612 is then here’s a scoop , not everyone can and have edited their photos so well. They simply use the new camera app on the block, B612 which is designed specifically keeping the selfie obsessed generation in mind. If you love taking selfies and struggle to get the perfect angle time and again, read this article to find out more about the camera app that won a Red Dot “Best of the Best” 2015 Award,  that will make your task of taking selfies so much easier.


As I have mentioned already B612 is a camera app that helps you to take the perfect selfie without any hassle. B612 is developed by Line Corporation, (the popular messaging service from Japan), this app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android. Since its launch in 2014   it has a soaring and growing number of users across the globe. This app is available in almost all international markets and is largely popular in the Indian subcontinent. If you are in search for a user friendly selfie camera with an editor, this is the app for you.

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Features of B612 APK:

The best part about this app is their amazing filters. You are sure to find your favourite pick from over 80+ filters. My personal favourite is Daybreak! However taking selfies is not the only thing that B12 is good at. B612 helps you to take pretty good normal photos as well. You can also edit your pictures shot with normal camera using the filters of B612, shoot short videos clips with sound and audio support and create collages using their collage templates that will give a 3D effect using the app.

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Download B612 Apk free

You can download B612 APK latest version file and install it on your android smart phone or you can download and install the B612 apk app directly from Google Play Store. You can download the latest version of B612 APK file to your computer and then transfer the file to your Android smart phone using a USB or you can download it directly from your smart phone’s browser.

Just open the Menu, locate the app and tap on it to launch.


How to Use B612 Apk:

B612 is quite an easy to use app as proved by its huge popularity once you get the hang of it after using it twice or thrice. However to get you started, here are some pointers:


  • Tap the app’s widget to open the selfie view finder.
  • Tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo. You can also use the timer from the menu which allows it to to set the timer to up to 7 seconds.
  • Swipe the screen sideways to browse the filters and borders.
  • To shoot a short selfie video, tap-hold the screen and the app will automatically switch to video mode.
  • To create collages, first select the collage template that you want from the menu below, then click your selfie.
  • If you want to take a normal photo you can just switch the front camera.
  • You can also edit your existing pictures from choosing them from your gallery and applying the filters.
  • Once you are done taking photos, do not forget to save it. Because B612 deletes your photo if you do not save it.

You can then share your photos and videos by tapping on the icon of your favourite social media-Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Although it is a great camera app, there are some minor cons. The resolution of the photos is not that great as opposed to the ones you take with your normal phone camera. Also, there is no manual focus. One reminder, Please don’t forget to save your photo once you are done with it because you don’t want it to get deleted. Happy clicking!

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B612 Camera APK Download

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