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BBM, or BlackBerry Messenger, is an internet messaging app that predates most of our favorite internet messaging apps such as Whatsapp or FB Messenger. BBM was available only for the BlackBerry users and the app used to be factory installed in BlackBerry devices. However it is now out for Android and will serve as a quite efficient internet messaging apps alongside your favorite ones. BlackBerry Messenger is a very cool app to stay in touch with your friends or family and it’s even special because it was originally meant only for BlackBerry users. This BBM Mod allows you to install and use BlackBerry Messenger on your Android device and also allows other cool features such as creating 5 unique BBM ids and using them simultaneously. So read on to find out more about the BBM Mod app and also how to download and install it!

bbm mode apk

About BBM

BlackBerry Messenger is a unique app and has a very important attribute that differentiates it from our usual internet messaging apps. Every device with the BBM Mod installed will have a certain BBM pin, which only if shared with another user will lead to the establishment of the chat connection. So in this regard you can use BlackBerry Messenger to chat with people from you contact list and still keep it off to many of them as the BBM Mod will not automatically sync your whole contact list into its database as usually happens with other internet messaging apps.

Another very useful thing about the BBM Mod is that it allows you to create up to 5 BBM ids with each having a unique PIN. This feature was never present in the original BlackBerry Messenger meant for BlackBerry phones only. So this multiple account feature of the BBM Mod is a very useful feature as it allows you to filter your chat lists in a more efficient manner. For example you can have one BBM id meant for your friend, another for your family, another for colleagues etc. And the best part is that these ids cannot be tracked back to each other so none of the contacts on your one list will get to see the contacts of another id. And you still have the option of not sharing your BBM pin with someone on your contact list and that person will have no clue of your BBM activity nor will they be able to ping you on the BBM Mod app.

Compared to our usual internet messaging apps, BBM Mod is pretty much in the same league. It has a very smart look and multiple textures are available to suit your look. Even the most new user to the world of Android will not face a problem using the BlackBerry Messenger app as its interface is extremely simplified. Like most messaging apps it can send most forms of media from your device. It can also be stored in your device’s SD card and can create up to 5 different BBM ids for the same user.

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Why you Need a Mod Version of BBM

Suppose if you install the BBM apk into your android mobile you will be able to do chatting through only one account. You can just manage only one account whereas when you install the BBM apk app for multiple accounts on your mobile it enables the user to run multiple accounts at the same time. If in your mobile you installed BBM mod apk and now you want to install the BBM apk for multiple accounts, then there is no need of you to remove the old one from your mobile. All you need to do is to download BBM apk for multiple accounts and install it onto your smart phone. Then it will create a new BBM application.

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Download and installation process of BBM.apk for multiple accounts

The BBM apk is not available at the Google Play store so it needs to be downloaded from third party websites. So while many of these websites are completely trustworthy, we still urge the user to have an anti-virus app installed on their device before downloading the BBM apk.

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1.     First of all you need to download the BBM mod apk from given link.

2.     Then open the BBM mod apk which is downloaded and click on the install button.

3.     The BBM app will be installed.

4.     Now open it and start using it with your account.

5.     For multiple accounts all you need to do is download the application once again and if you want three accounts download the app for three times and so on.

New features in the BBM mod apk

There are few new features added to the BBM mod apk. They are

1.     We can use multiple accounts.

2.     We can store the app on the SD card.

3.     It is going to support the portrait and landscape layouts.

4.     We can use different fonts.

BBM Mod APK Download

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