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Busybox APK

Busybox apk is software and an APK that combines small versions of Unix tools into a single executable file.  This APK runs on different platforms like Linux, Android, and FreeBSD, but mostly this APK is used on devices that run in Linux platform.  This Busybox apk is mainly designed for embedded operating systems with very limited resources.  Busybox is extremely modular so you can easily include and exclude commands at compile time.  It provides replacements for the utilities that we normally use.  These utilities come with fewer options, but still the options provide expected functionality.


The main function of Busybox APK is that it replaces more than 300 common commands with a single one.

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Features of Busybox APK

  • Busybox can be modified to provide a subset of over two hundred utilities.
  • Busybox can provide most of the utilities mentioned in the Single Unix Specification and other user expected utilities to see on a Linux system.
  • Busybox uses Almquist shell, which is also called as a shell.

Whom to use?

Busybox app can be used by people who are technically good and aware of all technicalities involved in both app and the device in which they are installing the app.  If the user loves to explore something exciting in their device then he can absolutely go with Busybox APK.

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What is Busybox APK?

busybox apkThis APK can be considered as an advanced one as it is interrelated to the commands in your device.   This Busybox APK will let you access the roots of your device by letting you change the read-only commands that are written in Linux.  If the APK is not used properly then may result in software or hardware damage.

Modifying the more number of commands with commands that were locked with read-only permission is a risky task for sure.  The commands should be replaced only if you are aware of the consequences of the command with which you have replaced the original commands with.

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Latest Versions

There are many version of this application that was into the market.  Each version is added with advanced features compared with previous version.

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The versions include:
  1. V10.4 : Added Nohup back into 1.21.1
  2. V10.3 : Added the ability for tar to understand gz data (-z option)
  3. V10.2: Added the “readlink” applet and fixed null point exceptions.
  4. V10.1 : Icon update
  5. V10.0: Advanced icons and the applet “start-stop-daemon”.

In order to download Busybox 36 APK into your device you need to go to Google play and you can find Busybox 36 APK there.

BusyBox apk Download

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