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Call Recorder APK

It cannot be stressed enough that the world has changed with regard to technology. The biggest advancement that has perhaps been made is in the phone department with the change in operating system from Java and Symbian to Android and iOS, which are currently dominating the phone market now. Not only the operating system but also the handsets themselves has changed from phones with the basic qualities of calling and texting to multimedia handsets which were given the power to play music and also enable the user to watch videos and movies but on a very small screen.

Call Recorder APKToday, however, it is a completely different ball game with phones getting bigger and bigger, even going up to becoming 6.4-inch monsters with AMOLED screens and powerful processors to make it seem like the computer and the laptop are redundant. Smartphones, the term which phones are called by these days, have the power to do everything from displaying movies on their screen to creating and editing spreadsheets. Calling has also completely changed thanks to the Internet with most calls nowadays being made via some or the other internet calling app. The Total Call Recorder is an app that records every bit of a conversation if a user desires to save it. It has multiple uses which we will talk about later.

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How Call Recorder APK works?

Every time you get a connection, you can now record the conversations. At the top of your phone’s screen, a message written in red “Record Call” appears, simply select it with your finger and go.

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Call Recorder APK Download

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Features of the Total Call Recorder APK:

  • With the advancement of phones and the increasing reliance on the Internet, everything now from filling forms to saving money has gone digital. This has also, unfortunately, giving rise to cyber criminals and hackers and hoax callers. People try to steal online and debit and credit card information by either hacking a user’s online bank account or by tricking them into giving out personal details by disguising themselves as representatives of the user’s bank. These calls can be recorded with the Total Call Recorder APK which may also serve to catch the miscreant.
  • There are also important phone calls which need to be listened to carefully but due to other pressing engagements we often find ourselves listening to them half-heartedly. This app solves that problem by recording the whole conversation in crystal clear clarity so that it can be listened to later.
  • The Total Call Recorder is an app that is very beneficial because it provides users with a good amount of control. If you are a user who talks on the phone for over 8 hours a day, then recording all of your calls is a big mistake. Therefore, this app provides you the option to choose which calls to record and which to ignore. It also allows Google Drive and Dropbox integration so that the recorded calls are saved online for you to listen to later and also share it with anyone you want.
  • The search for recordings is also a very powerful and robust one because it delivers to you the recording you want immediately after you hit the Search button.
  • This app also comes with a Pro version which enables a user to choose some contacts whose calls are automatically recorded and saved, a feature which is not available in the Free version. The Pro version is also ad-free.
  • There are also 3 predefined settings for call recording that the app comes with. The first option is to record everything, the second is to ignore everything and the third is to ignore contacts which means that the app will record only those calls that come from unknown numbers.
  • The Total Call Recorder comes with a built-in audio player so that you can play and listen to your recordings in the app itself.
  • Apart from saving the recordings to Google Drive and Dropbox, this app also allows users to save recordings to their phone’s SD cards. It also allows users to share the recorded items via Bluetooth, Gmail, and all leading Internet Messengers.

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How to get the Total Call Recorder on your Android device?

Getting this app on your Android is extremely easy because it involves all the steps that you generally required to download an app from the Google Play Store. So, you can just fire up your phone, visit the Google Play Store, and download and install the app from there. Now you can start recording and enjoy the benefits that this app provides.

Call Recorder APK

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