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Candy Crush Saga apk

Candy Crush Saga is a game that was first launched in April 2012 and it is still maintaining a very good reputation in the world of Android gaming. It is a match 3 puzzle type game that has been developed by King. It first was released for the browser and later for iOS, Android, and the Windows Phone. The Candy Crush Saga can also be called a sequel or variation of the original game called Candy Crush. Many games have since been released like Clash of Clans, Clash of Kings, Boom Beach, Pokemon Go and others but this game has managed to maintain the reputation that it had gained at the very beginning. It has a very dedicated user base, a significant portion of which are children. Let us know look into the gameplay and features that this game offers and we will get to the bottom of how it has gained and still kept its reputation in the market that is ever changing.

Candy Crush Saga apk

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Everything in the game is very colorful, something that leaves very vivid matches – and, to boot, help you time to tell a little piece of each other inside the departures. At this point, it is worth noting that the candy design is also neat – and you even feel like eating some jellybeans! The sounds of the game are not left behind. There is a background music that has everything to do with the games and special effects show at all times, especially when you get a fussy bonuses, for example.

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Candy Crush Saga gameplay:

  • As I have previously mentioned, this game is at match 3 puzzle game where there is a board full of candies and the occasional chocolate. What the user has to do is match a pattern by switching adjacent candies to form 3 rows of the same color. Once matched, these three rows are then cleared from the board in order to make space for new candies. The user also scores points on matching candies positively.
  • Apart from matching three candies users can also opt to go for higher matching numbers in order to score more points and also design new formations. By combining 4 or 5 similar candies together affirmation called “special candies” can be formed. These have different names depending on the pattern and the nature of the candies matched. There is a “striped candy” which can clear an entire row or column. There is a “color bomb” which clears the board of a particular type of candy. Then there is a “wrapped candy” which clears its surrounding candies irrespective of what color or pattern they are.
  • There is also a Candy Crush booster wheel which gives out special candies. There is a coconut wheel which changes 3 candies into a striped candy, there is the jellyfish which also clears 3 pieces but in no particular order, the lucky candy which is true to its namesake because if there is a candy which keeps blocking the user’s ability to win points, then this candy changes to the required one so that the user can clear the board and win the points.

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download Candy Crush Saga apk

  • Blockers are forever present in order to make the game hard for the user. Then there is the icing which can only be removed if the candy adjacent to it is matched. The liquorice locks are also similar in function because they capture and entrap a candy so that it cannot come into play. The chocolate pieces there are found on the board keep on multiplying and blocking the board very quickly. Then there is the most dangerous candy bomb which can end the game very early for the user if it is not removed immediately. There are also cake bombs which clear the entire board at one go and chameleon candies which keep changing the color and identity and lastly, there is a mystery candy which is true to its name because it certainly turns into a special candy or a blocker.
  • Apart from candies that can really help the users, there are also a few other items that help users to win games easily. These are called boosters. There is the restore balance booster which helps reset the moon scale, the free switch which allows a player to switch two unmatched candies, the lollipop hammer which the user can utilize to clear a piece of the board, bomb coolers which add some time to the candy bombs thus providing the user with some extra time to clear the nuisance. There is also a bubblegum troll which prevents the chocolate spawners from multiplying the chocolate pieces and then there is sweet teeth which helps remove blockers and jelly.
  • A user can use all these different types of candies and boosters to clear a level quickly and there also these different candies and blockers which hinder the user from passing the level at all. What this game needs is very fast fingers as well as a mind that can quickly associate the types of candies. It also depends a lot on the amount of practice a user gets.
  • The game is free to download and play while there are options that monetize the game too. In-app purchases in the game also help the players who can afford them. Players can buy extra lives once the five lives that are offered has been exhausted. There is also an option to not spend money and instead appeal to friends on Facebook to help out. Statistical analysis points out that the in-app purchases in this game are relatively low.
  • The game moves on the concept of levels and episodes. Once a user completes a level, the next episode appears. However, only clearing a level does not guarantee the unlocking of the next episode. Users have to request their Facebook friends to send them tickets or passes for the next episode. Sometimes, a mystery quest appears which enables the user to gain access to the next episode by clearing it. After 50 levels the user can escape to the Dreamworld
  • The story in the game revolves around the little girl called Tiffi who goes about solving problems of the residents of Candy Kingdom along with Toffee. Other characters include the Easter Bunny, Mr. Yeti, the Bubblegum Troll, and Ghirahim among others. This game also has many sequels like the Candy Crush Soda Saga and the Candy Crush Jelly Saga.

Here, it is even possible to find some complaints of players on the internet who think this difficulty one too much – and saying it would be a way for developers manage to force some people to buy the bonuses (paid with real money). However, you can also see that some people respond by saying that already finished the game without such resources, ie, the Candy Crush Saga may prove difficult and it’s up to you to judge whether or not to spend to overcome some stage that is causing you problems.

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How to get the Candy Crush Saga on your Android device?

If you have not played it already, you must at least give it a try. The Candy Crush Saga is very easy to get on your mobile android device by just visiting the official website of King or the Google Play Store. You can download the game from either of these two places and install the app like you normally do for all other apps. Enjoy the game and if you love it then you can also try out the sequels.

Candy Crush Saga apk Download

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