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Candy Crush Saga mod apk

We all need Candy Crush Saga Mod as The Candy Crush Saga┬áis one of the most popular games that earned widespread recognition as soon as it was released. The game, which has been inspired by the block-building Tetris of earlier times, is one of the most famous games in the world and comes pre-installed on many Android devices. The gameplay revolves around Mr. Toffee and the little Tiffi as the journey through the Candy Kingdom where they meet all sorts of cute characters and also get delicious candies. The pair goes about solving the problems of all the characters in the Candy Kingdom. Other characters include the Easter Bunny, Mr. Yeti, Odus, the game’s villain Bubblegum Troll, and Tiffi’s nemesis Ghirahim. We are going to talk about the Candy Crush mod here but before that you have to know how the game is played in order to fully understand how the mod can be utilised.

Candy Crush Saga mod apk

Characteristics Candy Crush Saga Mod apk

  • The game essentially revolves around matching candies on board to gain points. The number of candies matched also matter a lot as the world is increased and special candies are also awarded to users.
  • There are also special candies apart from the regular ones which appear on the board and serve the singular purpose of increasing the bonus points awarded to the user on matching. These pieces include Blockers, Meringues or Icing, Liquorice Locks, Candy Bombs, Chocolate Spawners, Cake Bombs, Mystery Candies, and Extra Time Candies among others. All of them serve to increase points either by blocking and obstructing the user or by appearing as bonus rewards.
  • There are also special boosters that are available to the user, but they also come at a price. They have to be bought either from the game store or by sending requests to friends on Facebook. These include the Lollipop Hammer, Free Switch, Extra Moves, Restore Balance, Bomb Coolers, and Sweet Teeth among many others.
  • There are sugar drops to be collected while progressing in the game. Sweet characters, delicious environment, and some extremely detailed and vibrant candy graphics make the grave extremely attractive. There are also extra adventure levels which players can clear to unlock treats and users can easily sync the game between devices by logging into Facebook. The Facebook sign in also offers users information about how far their friends have progressed in the game thus encouraging a spirit of competition.

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Well, if you are familiar with the game you already know that this game is as interesting as it can get but there are also some extremely difficult levels that users get stuck in and this happens in the higher up levels. If you think you cannot clear them, and you need some assistance, then it is not possible for users to purchase in-app items every time. There is an alternative solution to that which is the Candy Crush Saga Mod. This app has users in clearing the game very easily and is available in 4 versions all of which are listed below.


  • The first Candy Crush Saga mod provides users with extra moves, unlimited lives, unlimited lollipop boosters, Unlimited free switches, a one-time brush booster, and it also unlocks all levels and episodes.
  • The second Candy Crush Saga Mod version also provides everything that the first mod offers. The only distinguishing factor between the two is that it enables the users to always win any game at any level or episode.
  • The third Candy Crush Saga Mod version allows everything which the two versions above offer. The distinguishing factor of this mod is that it offers a separate score multiplier so that the user can create more Striped and Wrapped Candies along with Color Bombs so that the score gets greatly increased.
  • The version 4 of the Candy Crush Saga mod allows more than a hundred moves; the bomb counter is set to 80, the time for all levels is 5 minutes, and apart from that, it includes all the benefits of mod versions 1 and 2.

How to get the Candy Crush Saga Mod apk installed on your Android?

  • You just have to download the apk from a reputed website.
  • Ensure that the Facebook account is not open.
  • Install the Candy Crush Saga Mod.
  • Uninstall the old version of the game.
  • Reinstall the game and the apk and then play normally.

Download Saga Mod APK

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