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Casper APK is very useful to perform various activities on your gadget. The Casper app can be used to fix the device camera issues set various crash fixes also provides Snapchat login verification support, now the Casper APK is available with improved login flow, also used for Launch optimisations and Clear conversation(s). The Casper APK is running as sc

Casper apk

Snapchat has taken over the world of internet messaging apps and it has become a constant favorite amongst Android users. However there are attributes of Snapchat that sometimes go against the user, for example, any Snapchat messages get deleted after a while thereby rendering the user unable to save any of the conversations taken over Snapchat. This is where Casper comes in. Casper is basically a Snapchat client for Android users which allows the storage of Snapchat messages and also many other interesting attributes. Although Casper seems to go against the primary concept of Snapchat, which deletes incoming and outgoing messages within a short span of time, it is exactly what users need. So we are going to break it down for you and tell you all about this new cool app that allows you a greater experience of your Snapchat app. Read on!

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About Casper Apk –

Developed by Liam Cottle based in New Zealand, Casper is becoming quite a sensation for those Android users who take to Snapchat as their basic internet messaging service. For a long time Android users have wanted to be able to save their Snapchat messages which the app deleted within a few minutes. Now this service can be fulfilled by capturing a screenshot of your Snapchat messages, but however this is a tedious process. So by using Casper you get to save any message that you want from the Snapchat app on your device and even be able to forward them to anyone else on your contact list! The next time you get something really funny or quirky and you want to be able to share it with your friends, Casper is the app for you.

Some Advanced Features of Casper

Using Casper requires no extra accounts. You can access this app through your existing Snapchat account and therefore Casper serves more as a service than an independent messaging app. After you log into Casper with your Snapchat account, you will see that this app is almost exactly the same as your Snapchat app, except that here you get to save your messages. And to make things better, the other user will not even know that you are using the Casper app to save their messages. Casper also comes with a lot of other added features, for example you can edit your Snapchats or your saved messaged with a number of filters before sending them. While Snapchat also offers your filter, the range of filters present within the Casper app is a lot more and allows you to truly speak your emotions through your Snapchat message. It also allows you to send a number of emoticons that are not available in the official Snapchat app.

Although users have not accounted for the Snapchat app as something malicious or harmful to your Android device, there have been cases where the user’s Snapchat account was banned for using the Casper service. However this is not a frequent problem so users do not have to be worried about it. Although Casper will ask for your Snapchat id and password, there has not been a single case of the user’s Snapchat account being used for malicious intentions. All in all Casper is an amazing new app that is a must for all Snapchat users who want a better experience through internet messaging. For some users, especially those with more than 500 friends on their list, Casper may take a while to arrange the friend list, so do not be worried if your friend list appears blank once you log into the Casper app, it will get filled within a short period of time.

How to Install Casper APK  in your Smartphone/ Tablet?

Casper is available on the internet absolutely for free although it is ad supported. However users can choose to pay money for an ad free version or simply use one of the ad removal apps to get the same experience for free. The Casper app is not available on Google play store, so we advice the user to have an anti-virus app installed on their device before trying to download the app from any 3rd party website, no matter how trusted. So if you got your protection on, simply follow the steps:

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Step 1: Download Casper APK to your PC or you can similarly download it simply to your mobile. In the event that you downloaded it specifically through your mobile, then it will be in the “Downloads” folder. That will appear with the name Casper-

Step 2: The next thing is, Download any File Manager App through Google Play. Most prevalent App is Astro File Manager.

Step 3: After that, go to Settings > Security and after that check “Unknown Sources”. After that a warning will be issued, forget about it and Tap “OK” button. Presently you’re ready.

Step 4: After that, Connect your Phone or Tablet to the PC and copy the Casper- document to your mobile. Detach the mobile after taking this step.

Step 5: Now in your Smartphone/ tablet, go where you copied the record or downloaded it, then Tap on it, another screen will come up indicating consents and stuff like that. Tap on “Install” button to make the installation process complete.

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Casper APK Download

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