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Clash of Kings APK

Android games have made their position very prominent in the world because of a combination of factors which include high-end phones with great processors which can nearly compete with computer processors, intense graphic rich and highly detailed games, and great screen resolutions made better with technologies like LED and AMOLED. Many users have sacrificed their PC gaming and moved over to gaming on the Android devices because with Android, the thing is users can game while they are on the go. 2015 and 2016 can be seen as the breakthrough years of Android gaming with the host of very advanced and unique games. One of those games which has generated much publicity and a massive user base is Clash of Kings Apk. One thing that I want to highlight at the very beginning is that this game has no relation to Clash of Clans but it does have some similarities. Clash of Kings is a mobile strategy combat game that was developed by Elex Wireless/Tech and was released in the end of 2014. Much like epic combat games this game also revolves around creating troops, building an empire, and aggressively expanding it. We will read more about it below.
Clash of Kings APK

Clash of Kings Apk gameplay:

  • As I have mentioned earlier, this game involves building a kingdom. You have to create a kingdom of your own by using some property and then you can start building fortifications and upgrading them to create one of the strongest bases in the game so that other players cannot attack and loot it. The user also has to create good and strong troops and upgrade them frequently so that the user can go on raids and win them and thus collect resources to progress in the game.
  • The game throws the user, at the very beginning, in the middle of a siege which the user has to win. On winning the siege, the attacked kingdom becomes the user’s base. A tutorial begins that teaches the user how to construct defensive structures, upgrade them, create troops, attacking other people, collect resources, and also upgrade troops.

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  • It also has a system where many users can join together to form an alliance to combat with other groups and thus win even more resources. The alliance also serves other beneficial functions like helping the other users in the alliance to construct buildings and get more troops.
  • There are also things called Research trees where users build a college so that the citizens of the Empire can study there and focus on research for city development, resources, military branches, and also contribute towards the city’s defense.

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  • There is also another aim for the user in Clash of Kings which is to become the ultimate power, to attack and occupy The Throne to become the King. There is also the presence of an online messaging system so that users can talk with their friends. The online chat system is differentiated into 3 where there is one for one-on-one chats, another is the kingdom level chat where you can talk with people from your kingdom while the last one is the alliance chat which allows people to communicate within an Alliance.

How to get Clash of Kings on your Android device?


Clash of Kings is available both for Android and iOS but since we are talking about the Android version, I will give you her step by step instruction as to how you can get it installed on your Android phone. After reading through the description about I know it is really mouth watering to download and play this game and become the king of some kingdom. Therefore, without further ado:


  • Fire up your Android device and visit the Google Play Store or Download the Apk from the link given in the end of this Article.
  • If your are using Google Playstore- On the search bar at the top of the screen, type Clash of Kings.
  • A results list will be displayed at the top of which will be the official app. You can verify it by checking whether the developer of the app is Elex Wireless or it may also be written Elex Tech.
  • Click on it and you will encounter a list of permissions that the game requires for you to branch. Accept them and click on Install.
  • Now the game is successfully installed on your phone and you can go ahead and play it.


Note:  Please keep in mind that Google is now repeatedly telling its users to play any game by logging into the Google Play official account. This is because if your phone suddenly becomes corrupt, the game gets uninstalled due to some weird problem, you will lose all the game progress that you have made. Signing into the Google Play account ensures that the essential game data is always saved and updated which shows you that whatever happens you will start off in the same position that you left. This is also particularly beneficial when you change devices.

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To download the Clash of Kings APK Click Here

Clash of Kings APK

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