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Clean Master apk is an application that aims to optimize your device. Through various parameters, you will be able to improve the usability of your device, ensuring more efficiency for your smartphone.

If you are using a smartphone, which every single person does these days, then you must be on the lookout for a good cleaning app for device. It is a quite familiar and well recognized problem among smartphone users that the storage memory is often eaten up by god-knows-what. Well, when I say od-knows-what I definitely refer to all those temp files and cookies and caches that we accumulate while using the internet. And then there is this another thing. We have way too many apps installed on our devices and soon we find that our phone is not as quick in response as it used to be. The most common reason for making this happen is too many programs running in the background. And trust you me, Clean Master is the best solution to these problems.

clean master download apk

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If you still have not heard about Clean Master, then you should feel happy that you came across this article. Clean Master is one of the best friends of a smartphone. It not only helps you to keep your phone clean but it also boosts the performance of the device within seconds. There are way too many things that one needs to know about this application. Here is a small effort to explain the most noteworthy aspects in the simplest possible manner.

Clean Master Features:

Cleaning tool:

As the name of the app suggests, it acts as a cleaning tool for phones. When you open the app the interface is quite self-explanatory and you get to see all the tools that are there. The Junk File Cleaning option is quite easy to use. When you select this option it automatically scans the memory of your phone and detects all the unnecessary junk files. Now you have the option to decide which of those to delete and which are not to be deleted. After the scan is complete you will be able to see  folder wise and function wise divisions. You select or unselect the folders according to our need and hit the clean button. This will delete all those junk files and folders that were eating up storage memory.

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Clean Master Easy, fast and efficient

clean master apk

Memory boost:

Another important thing is that you have a memory boost. This works in so many different level. When you think that the phone’s RAM is being overworked, you can just run it to stop all of those apps that run on the background. It should be done any time the phone starts to act slow.

This memory boost also has a special feature for games. When you play games, you can access game boosts which makes the games much swift and fast. There will be no lagging behind with this.

Anti-virus protection:

Yes, you just read it right. Clean Master also comes with an in-built anti-virus. You can scan your phone for virus and then delete them or quarantine them. In addition to this, if you have this function enabled, it automatically detects every file that is transferred to your device or files that you download t ensure that there are o threats of malware and viruses.

App Manager:

App Manager is another of pivotal aspect of this app. With this application installed on your device, you do not need any other app manager. This does it all. You can manage all the applications and how much storage they are using. You can shift applications from phone memory to SD card memory. You can even install or uninstall applications from here.

If you have a rooted device then this Clean Master app manager opens up the entire spectrum to you. You will be able to manage all the applications and application files that are there in your mobile phone with ease.

There are way too many other features as well. But due to the limitation of space, it is difficult to explain all of them. To add to that, the developers keep introducing new features.  So get the latest version of Clean Master installed on your device now.

Installing Clean Master:

This app is available on all the official play stores. You just need to follow the simple steps as mentioned below.

  • Open the official app store on your phone.
  • Look for Clean Master using the search box.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Accept the terms and confirm the process.
  • Wait till the app is installed properly.

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