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CM Security apk

CM Security Apk – The Internet and Android have combined to form a partnership that is changing every aspect of human lives. It has already done so to a huge extent and is currently showing no signs of stopping. With the increase in dependence on the Internet, good elements are being taken advantage of but one thing to note is that good elements are always followed by bad ones and currently this partnership is also encountering some. Bad elements, in this case, are cyber criminals, hackers, and malicious phishing attackers. In order to counter their frauds and criminal activities, apps have been created, one of the most popular of which is the CM Security app. The CM Security app is a very notable one in this field because it has been around for a long time and is also very efficient in its functionalities.

CM Security APK


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CM Security apk Intuitive and complete

CM Security APK DownloadThe interface, entirely in Portuguese, is very beautiful, modern and easy to use, providing an enjoyable experience for people who enjoy good visual. No complications or technical terms, ensuring that people with all skill levels to take advantage of the tool without any difficulty.

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CM Security app features:

  • The biggest thing one has to remember about CM Security is that it combines the functioning of several tools in one app which makes it very powerful. Therefore, you not only get an antivirus for your app but also an AppLocker at the same time.
  • With a package size of only a few megabytes, CM Security is one of the lightest of antiviruses. It also has a very low memory consumption as well as a very low power usage which ensures that your phone is guarded at all times but with minimal battery consumed.
  • This app includes an antivirus engine that is powered by local and cloud servers. It also involves multi-layer protection and the ability to scan all local files and folders at a speed that is definitely better than what other antivirus apps offer.
  • It has the option to scan your SD card, a process which scans new software automatically, and users can also opt for scheduled scan so that the app can scan the phone on its own and the user does not have to worry about it.
  • As mentioned, this app does not only function as an antivirus but also involved a very good app locker. It can lock everything from mobile data to WiFi, from Bluetooth to browsers, and even the installation and uninstallation of apps.
  • New versions of the app have included features like taking a photo of the person who enters wrong passwords, locking up WhatsApp so that nobody can read your texts and also optimizing the browser on your phone in such a way that it promotes faster and private browsing.
  • The CM Security app also allows caller ID and caller ID blocking. It creates a database of all the numbers in your local and national circuit so that you can get an idea of who is calling you from an unknown number. If you do not want to take unnecessary calls you can just block it using this app.
  • This app has a wide range of catching elements that are harmful for the phone. It considers virus, trojan, adware, malware, and spyware as suspicious items and does not allow them access to a user’s phone.
  • Like most apps nowadays, this app also comes in a number of languages so that language cannot be a barrier between a person and his/her phone’s security. It supports languages that include English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Greek and many others.


How to get CM Security on your Android devices?

You can very well understand now why CM Security is one of the most revered and regarded names in the world of antivirus and security. Getting it on your Android device is not really a problem. You just have to follow the steps that are given below:

-Fire up your Android device and visit the Google Play Store.

Search for the app on the bar at the top.

-A results list will be displayed where the app will be at the top.

Download and install the app after reading through the permissions and you are going to be protected for life.

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CM Security APK Download

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