Cortana for Android APK Download

Who is Cortana?

In today’s world, time is one of the most important things that everybody wants but does not get. Time management is a very big thing, therefore. There are deadlines and time limits for everything and everything digital, therefore, focuses on the time-saving aspect. High-level officials in all kinds of officers have personal assistants so that they can manage their time efficiently amidst the huge amount of work that has to be done. While all normal people might not be highly placed in an organization, they still need an efficient and capable time management system in order to maintain a great work life balance.

Cortana apk download

The iPhone first understood that a personal assistant for phones may be quite helpful and they released an application called Siri. Siri is the iPhone’s assistant who has been created to help an iPhone user in anything possible. Similarly, Microsoft also realized its importance and came out with Cortana. Cortana is a female personal assistant for Android primarily but is also supported on Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Xbox One, and even iOS. It was released in 2015 and has since gained a lot of popularity. Google also has its own personal assistant called Google Now.

What does Cortana offer?

  • The Microsoft speech team started working on the concept of Cortana in 2009 after a lot of interviews Jen Taylor was selected as the voice of Cortana. In January 2015 after 5-6 years of research and development, Cortana was released officially in 2015 for desktops and later the same year, it was released for Android.
  • Like most popular apps are doing nowadays, this app also supports some languages apart from English. These include German, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese. For other countries, this app speaks English with the accent of the country mixed in it. For example, Cortana cannot speak Hindi but it can speak and understand Indian English.
  • Cortana works like a personal assistant on every device it is installed on. Users only have to provide a voice command about the thing they want Cortana to find out for them and it does so. This application uses the Microsoft Bing search engine to search for anything that the user needs and most of the time it is successful in doing so.
  • The biggest thing that Cortana brings to the table is its system of reminders. It can provide reminders of anything from events to reminding a contact about something and even remembers birthdays and anniversaries. It can provide time-specific as well as location-specific reminders that the user determined from beforehand.
  • This app creates a notebook for itself which stores information like user interests, reminders, GPS data, and contacts. Over time, using its artificial intelligence, the app gathers and processes the information to learn user patterns and behaviors. This notebook, however, can be edited so that the user does not feel that he/she is not in control and also because of some privacy issues.
  • Microsoft has engaged in a lot of tie-ups with other enterprises to make Cortana more efficient. For example, a user is shown information of local businesses and restaurants by taking the information from Foursquare. The LIFX integration allows Cortana to directly control smart bulbs. It can also work in conjunction with the Microsoft Band and it uses a feature called Concert Watch to determine a user’s music interests.
  • This app also has a ‘do not disturb’ mode due to its ability to solve mathematical equations and advanced analysis, it can also predict many things such as sports results.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this app is that it syncs seamlessly with the PC. It can also provide users with flight information, scores, stock market information and also track packages that are to be delivered to the user by a courier company. It also acts like a voice-based Google search because you can ask any question and Cortana will answer it after searching on the web.
  • This app is highly intelligent and you can even converse with it when you are bored and can even crack jokes.

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How to get Cortana on your Android device?

This app is really easy to get on your Android device because it is on the Google Play Store. So what you have to do is just visit the place and download and install the app from there. Once you are done, you will realize the world of good that Cortana can do to you and your life and the big thing that you were missing on till the time you installed it. You just have to ensure that your Android device supports the Android operating system version 4.1 and above and there is at least 20 MB of free internal storage on your phone.

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