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Crossy Road Apk

Android is a platform that supports gaming to a large extent because it is flexible and with the introduction of new age smartphones with powerful processors and great screens, gaming has come down from computers and laptops onto phones. There are, therefore, thousands of games on the Google Play Store as well as on the Internet for Android users to play. Making a game popular with a very difficult thing to do because it has to appeal to a large number of users in order to go viral and virality is what makes or breaks apps nowadays. Crossy Road is a game that had gone viral as soon as it was released because it was based partly on the joke about, “why the chicken crossed the road?” and partly because it is a very simple game which is very entertaining at the same time. The developer of the game Hipster Whale has since gone on to collaborate with Disney Interactive Studios and create a spin off of this game called the Disney Crossy Road with features popular Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, who the users have to assist in crossing the road.

Crossy Road apk

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Crossy Road apk Action adventures Puzzle Game

Crossy Road gameplay:


  • The gameplay of this app is really simple and straightforward. It is described as an endless arcade hopper game what the aim of the user is to cross a busy road with the character and also staying alive for as long as possible. Death comes about due to obstacles like cars and trains. Users have to cross the road as soon as there is a break between vehicles. The game becomes all the more entertaining because if a user decides to go forward but stands and decided on the road or comes back 3 steps then an Eagle snatches the characters which also leads to its death. So this game is all about making a calculated move which has to go to the very end and must not stop midway.
  • Next up are the characters that a user can select to play the game with. The iOS version being the first has the largest number of characters totaling 145. There are 119 characters that can be unlocked as the user progresses through the levels of the game. There are also 22 secret characters that are unlocked automatically when the user completes an achievement. In-app purchases in the game are brought about by the user’s ability to buy characters like Psy and Pac-Man.
  • The Android version of the game contains some different characters like the Android Robot, Mallard, Archie, and Dark Lord.
  • The in-game currency is a yellow square with a red C. It can be earned by watching ads, completing various tasks and achievements and collecting free gifts that are given away every few hours.
  • The recent version of the game has also come about with the multiplayer ability, which is a great addition that people were clamoring for. It is quite simple to get the game started in multiplayer mode by connecting to the same WiFi network. Once you and your friends are connected to the same network, one of you can create the game by launching the app and selecting the triangle button at the right-hand side bottom. There you will see a tab where 2 chickens and a WiFi signal are displayed. Click on it and create the game. The other players who are on the same network will automatically be connected to the game. A point to note is that you should have a stronger than normal WiFi connection if there are a large number of players.
  • The recent version has also come about with the new updates like dance beats, yachts, and dancers, and floating dance floor islands. The Android update of the game has also introduced Candyland for the Android Robot to compete in.

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How to get Crossy Road Apk

Getting this game on your Android device is fairly easy because it is available on both the Google Play Store and Crossy Road’s official website. So you have to visit either of the two places and download the app from there. Install it after reading through the permissions like you do for all other Android apps.

A point to not here is the fact that this game uses the phone’s Location to deliver targeted and region-specific ads, so it consumes a fair amount of battery. The second thing to note is that Google is now spreading the message to users and more importantly, gamers to login to the Google Play accounts and then play any game so that the progress can be saved. If it is not done then, all game progress will be lost if the app gets corrupted or uninstalled for some reason and even when you change devices.

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