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Freedom Apk Download for Android 2016

Freedom Android App – Many a time we have encountered situations where we have been stuck in a particular level of a game for quite a long time. The reasons have been various, but most of the time the primary reason is because of the dearth of resources. We also have looked longingly at items and things in the shop of a game which are impossible to get because of the high amount of coins or real world money that is needed to get them. It is frustrating when we cannot get the things that we desire the most especially if we are really good at the game and that item can increase our abilities in the game. There is no need for this frustration and sadness to continue as Freedom.APK is an app that has been released to ease these problems. Freedom APK is an app that can hack these in-app items which have to be bought either via in-game currency or through real world money. So the next time you feel that you are stuck in a very difficult level which you may not be able to cross without some aid, then just think of what Freedom APK can offer to you.

freedom apk download

It is an application for making free In-application Purchases(IAP). It makes a fake installment from the google wallet(or at any rate that is the thing that it reveals to us) and gives us our fancied something from that particular application. NOT for purchasing apps from play store. That is an other stuff. (Although you can download paid apps for nothing from an application store called “Blackmart Alpha.” Google around and discover it..) Let me demonstrate to you a sample.

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Freedom APK features:

  • First and foremost, this app can solve any kind of problem that uses my face regarding in-app items or resources.
  • Since it makes all paid items in an app free, the app itself is also free to download and use.
  • All in-app purchases can be completed free of cost while using Freedom APK.
  • This app is compatible with all mobile Android devices but also contains a set of requirements that has to be met and which is listed below.
  • Not only does this app help users to get in-app purchases for free but also provides great aid to clear levels and also unlock achievements without really having to work for it.
  • If you are using an app in the trial version and you want to unlock the full version but in the process find out that it costs money, then Freedom APK can solve that problem for you because it can also unlock paid apps for free.

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List of requirements to download and use Freedom APK:

  • The biggest requirement that this app needs is that the Android device that it is going to be installed in has to be rooted. The Android version of the device must also be higher than version 2.1.
  • The second requirement is that there must be 2 GB of free space on the Android device that you are going to install the Freedom APK in.
  • Thirdly, 512 MB of RAM is required on the Android system.
  • An Internet connection and an updated Google Play Store are also required.

Downloading and installing the Freedom APK on your Android device:

Now that you are set with all the requirements needed and you are also aware of the advantages that Freedom APK will bring to you it is time to download, install, and use it. Previously, I have mentioned that installing this app requires a rooted device but it can also be done with the device that is not rooted. I will give you all the ways that you can install it but we will do that step by step. So the first step that you need to follow is to download the app and install it by following the directions below:


  • Download the freedom APK file from the Internet since it is not available on the Google Play Store. Keep in mind that you have to choose a reliable website because unrecognized websites might offer you an APK file that is unstable or may have been tampered with.
  • After you complete the download, it is time to install it. Again you have to keep up in mind that you have to enable the Unknown Sources option from Security under the phone Settings. All Android devices are programmed to treat software outside of the Google Play Store as suspicious. They will trigger continuous warnings unless you enable this option.
  • The next part of the process is really simple. Like any other Android app, you just have to install it by reading through the permissions.
  • This whole process is for Android devices that are already rooted. In order to use this app on devices that are not rooted you have to first download and install an app called Creehack. This app works similar to Freedom APK with the only factor being that it does not require a rooted device.

How to Download Freedom Apk & install

download freedom apkUsing the Freedom APK app:

    • After you have successfully installed the APK, launch
    • The APK will then ask for Superuser permissions, which generally refers to root access.
    • Now a list of apps that are already installed on the Android device will be displayed.
    • Click on the app that you want to modify and then visit the app and make a purchase.
    • It will appear as if you are making the purchase with real world money but then you will see that it will not ask for your debit or credit card information but the item will still be purchased.


    Note: You have to keep in mind that this app works for most games and software but there are some which cannot be modified by this app like the Minecraft pocket edition, Clash of Clans, Teen Patti, and others because the purchases on these apps are handled by isolated servers which are difficult to access and modify.


    So now you know how you can get ahead in the game and get those wonderful items that you have only dreamt of till now. Without further ado, follow the steps mentioned above and start gaming.

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Freedom APK Download Latest Version Updated freedom.apk 2016
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