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Latest version of ZEN Launcher APK free download

Zen launcher apk file download: Use application to modify the smartphone or tablet interface is becoming more and more popular nowadays. There are numerous customization options able to meet any demand. However, many people avoid using so programs because they often are heavy and consume a lot of phone’s memory.

latest version of zen launcher

The looks of a phone from the outside does matter but so does the interior of the phone. It is to be noted that with changing times it has also become a very important consideration on the part of the users.

A phone which only looks good on the outside is not very appreciated. Moreover the abundance of phone companies and with the great options in handsets users has become very choosy and factor in both the external and internal appearance of the phone to make a decision whether it is good enough to purchase or not. The Zen Launcher is an app that makes the insides of a phone look good.

Like the use of themes in Java phones and Symbian phones of the bygone days, today’s smartphones come with launcher apps. These apps serve to beautify the phone by providing icon packages and custom wallpapers along with some other functionalities. Zen Launcher is one of them and is one of the best in this business. It actually belongs to the Zen company that manufactures smartphones but due to its popularity, it has been made available publicly much like Lenovo’s ShareIt.

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Zen Launcher features:

  • The Zen Launcher not only provides icon packages and wallpapers, it also comes with free themes, very helpful widgets, and also some great scrolling effects and transitions. It also automatically categorizes all your apps into predetermined folders. This launcher also has an app locking feature through which a user can lock the apps that are personal.
  • It also provides users with the ability to change the font of the phone, from the font style to its size and also the size of app icons and widgets.
  • Along with the app locker, there is also a feature which hides apps. There is also a smart search incorporated into the app which works really fast and really efficiently getting out contacts, apps, Google searches, and anything the user wants.
  • It has some added functionalities by which users can get to know how much time they are spending on each app and also whether any app is being used too much while in bed. The health feature is really great on this app and it provides accurate information and fantastic suggestions.
  • Since the app is a bit light weight, it is a little low on the number of customization available if we consider the bigger and heavier launcher alternatives.

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How to get the Zen launcher on your Android?

This app is available on the Google Play Store and, therefore, you can get it with ease. Just visit the Play Store and download and install it from there. The low threshold that this app requires to function correctly is also magnificent as it is only about 5 MB in size and requires only Android version 4.1 or above.


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