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epsxe apk

Enhanced ePSX apk emulator (ePSXe) is a PlayStation video game console emulator for PC hardware that runs on Microsoft Windows, Linux and also Android devices.  This app runs with most of the PlayStation games accurately without failure.  Almost all games run without any disturbances with the use of this APK. Even though if there is an issue with the game loading or anything related the patching feature will help fix it.

epsxe apk

If there is a sector where there is no end to the level of innovation, then it is the world of gaming. And one of the latest additions to this world is simulator apps. These are basically apps that allow games of one platform or device to be played on another. The ePSXe app is one such which allows the games of a PlayStation to run on the platform this app is installed in. ePSXe was available for Windows and Linux users but now it’s out for Android devices as well and that means all your favorite childhood games from the PlayStation can now be played on your Android mobile phones and tablets! This app has become a favorite amongst gamers as firstly it increases their gaming directory by a mile, and the great sense of nostalgia it provides. So we are going to discuss all the attributes of this and also how to download and use it. Gamers, read on!

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Features of epsxe apk

  • Offered by ePSXe Softwares, the ePSXe app has been a blessing for those who love to play on touch screen configurations. Just think about playing Tekken 3 on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, and with the ePSXe app it’s possible! There are many simulations apps available in the market right now but the ePSXe app is one of the best available due to its varied features, amazing graphics, and really good audio quality. It also allows the player to play Multiplayer mods with a proper wi-fi connection. The simulator doesn’t have any fancy system requirements, and is a really compatible app. The ePSXe app is one of the smoothest running Play station to Android simulators out there and is really easy to use as well.
  • The ePSXe app runs almost all Play Station games successfully and without any glitch. One of the best things about this simulator is that it turns the screen of your touch screen device into the PlayStation controller and thus no added usb controller will be needed in order to play PlayStation games on your Android device through the use of the ePSXe app. But it also has the feature of accepting Bluetooth or USB controllers and mapping them onto their system. Some of the games are even offered a 2 player split screen mode which is really something in the world of Android gaming.
  • The ePSXe app comes with all available plug ins so the user need not worry about hunting down plug ins in order to run the app. However, the games will have to be provided by the user itself as the ePSXe app does not come with any pre loaded games. These games can either be burnt from the CD Roms or can be downloaded from the internet. In case you are downloading the game files from the internet you will probably need an unzipping app like 7zip because most of the times they are downloaded in zip format.

Compatibility of epsxe apk

ePSXe apk is very much popular for its compatibility with the devices and the platforms it works on.  99% of the PSX games were compatible with this ePSXe APK.

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The latest version of ePSXe APK is V2.0.7.  You can download the latest version of ePSXe APK from the official website and install it in your android device.

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