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Facebook Lite apk

Facebook Lite apk is a client for the social network Facebook which has been specially designed to offer a more fluid experience in old appliances and in low-speed networks. Recently launched in india, the app is entirely in Asia and can be downloaded without any restrictions.

Facebook Lite apk

Facebook does not need much introduction as it is the largest social media network in the world and with time it has expanded even for the into the everyday lives of people across the world. It recently acquired WhatsApp which is the biggest Internet messaging app in the world and, with this acquisition, FB is undoubtedly one of the biggest powers on the Internet. It can be said that Facebook can even rival Google now. Facebook was first available for the browser on a computer and then it moved on to iOS and Android apps. However, it has often been seen that Facebook consumes a large amount of data monthly due to the user surfing through scores of images and videos. This has been creating a very big problem for users who are on a tight budget. Also, the users in remote places are places that do not support a stable Internet connection feel that they are very hard done by because the Facebook app is quite heavy. FB gathered these feedbacks and came about with the Facebook Lite app.

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How does Facebook Lite work and its features?


  • The first thing that users will notice about this app is that it is extremely light, which has done justice to its name. The app is only 435 KB and the minimum requirement to get it running is an Android version 2.2 or above which means that it can basically run on any Android smartphone. Although it does not look as attractive as the Facebook app, it does, however, impress users with its efficiency. Users also have to keep in mind that this app was not made to look good but solve the basic complaints which are working on a 2G Internet connection and working on low-end smartphones.
  • Due to its primary function of working on low data, the app has small and tiny thumbnails for everything. If you are used to the Facebook app then you will be a little dissatisfied as it does not look anywhere close to the main app. Everything has to be tapped on to make them look bigger. However, this function gives you a very unique ability that a user should have which is the discretion to selectively choose which images to see and which ones to pass. The problem with the main Facebook app is that all images and videos are loaded automatically irrespective of whether you really have any interest in looking at all of them. We often find that if there are 100 images that are loaded when we log on to the Facebook main app, there are only 25 to 30 which we take an interest in, rendering the others useless and the data loss very costly.
  • The fact that this app has been created with the primary aim of cutting down on mobile data is all the more explicit because videos are not enabled in the app. We are all aware that videos are a very data heavy entity of the Internet and the social networking world. That is why Facebook has decided to exclude this feature from the Facebook Lite app. It, however, makes the app very fast, at least 2 times faster than the Facebook main app when the data connection is a bit weak.
  • Apart from the fact that this app saves up a lot of mobile data, there is also another great benefit that this app throws up. If you have not been using a very advanced smartphone then you probably don’t have the Facebook main app on your device but there is no such barrier for the Facebook Lite app because it only requires the lowly Android version 2.2 as a minimum to function. Low-end Android smartphones, therefore, can also work fantastic with this app and since these phones also have a constraint of storage space, the Facebook Lite app is the most appropriate for these devices.
  • The fact that this app has been downloaded over a hundred million times and given a user rating of 4.2, points to the fact that this is actually quite a useful thing to have on an Android smartphone. It might irritate you sometimes because of its dull look, but once you skip the LTE atmosphere of the city and move to a remote place, you will find that this app is actually a lifesaver.

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How to get the Facebook Lite on your Android device?

It is really simple to get this app on your Android device because it is available on the Google Play Store and you can also get it on Facebook’s official store. Just download the apk file from either of these two sources and then install Facebook Lite after reading through the permissions. At the end of it all, I would like to revise and remind that this app is solely based on the premise of delivering important Facebook content during times when the network is slow or very faintly available. Anyway, you should now go ahead and try it and then form your own opinion.

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Facebook Lite APK

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