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Facebook Messenger apk

A major problem that Facebook encountered during its early days was that even though everybody’s Facebook profiles were hunky-dory and were working beautifully, people soon realized that the chat option would only be utilized if the user was online. If a user logged out of Facebook due to some reason the chat messages sent to the user would not be available until the time the user logged into Facebook again. This turned into a major problem for everybody because there was no surety of the fact as to when the recipient of the message might come online again. This is also a primary reason why the Facebook addiction set in because people also realized that longer this day online, the more availability of other people who keep coming and going online. There was a lot of talk and complaints about this and Facebook grabbed it as an opportunity and launched the standalone Facebook Messenger.

The Facebook Messenger, which is sometimes referred to as Messenger is a standalone application that supports the Facebook chat without having to log in to the main Facebook account. Like WhatsApp, people would automatically be logged in all the time and, therefore, any message that is sent to a user would be delivered instantaneously.

Functionality and organization of Facebook Messenger apk

  • The Facebook Messenger was launched in 2011 for the iOS and Android operating systems. It was then launched for the Blackberry and Windows Phone.
  • The biggest benefit that this app offers to its users is the fact that people do not have to stay online in order to receive messages from their friends or family. Once a message is sent to a user, it is directly delivered onto the user’s mobile device in the form of a chat bubble. The user can easily click on the bubble, read the message, and reply back from the app itself.
  • Users can also add their Facebook friends in to their Messenger and not only that but users can also choose to enter any phone number from their phone book and add the contact to their Messenger. This is because the latest update of the Facebook Messenger app enables the user to reply to the SMS they receive, from the Messenger App itself, thereby combining the functions and putting everything into one place, which is very advantageous for a user.
  • The Facebook Messenger also encourages group chats along with one-on-one conversations. Users can easily create a group and add members to it from their contact list. They can then go ahead and name the group and put up a picture for it.
  • In order to keep everything competitive, Facebook has introduced some features in its messenger which mimics some of the most popular photo sharing apps. Like Instagram, users of Messenger can directly take photos and shoot videos in the app itself and then share it via one click.
  • The standard calling feature in the Messenger is truly a wonderful achievement of Facebook. People from any part of the world can communicate and talk to each other on the phone using a standard WiFi network without having to worry about charges.
  • Other small features include some great stickers and emoticons that have been added and continues to be with every update that this app receives. Users also have the ability to record voice messages and send it to anybody and everybody.
  • Some updates ago Facebook also introduced the feature which would notify a sender of a message about when the message is delivered and the time when it is seen by the recipient. Turning on the location of the phone while using the Messenger also lets the contacts of a user know that they are nearby.
  • The Messenger may sometimes be a bit of a nuisance because it is always online but FB has devised a way to counter that. When you are not in the mood to receive any messages on notifications you can just switch off the notification button and everything will go silent.
  • With the introduction of a new feature, this app is looking set to get ahead of others by miles. The launch of Google Allo endangered the status of Facebook Messenger a bit, but the parent company recently came out with the notification that the Messenger will get two artificial intelligence-based functions. One of them is the payment suggestion function which will assist users in getting the correct method to pay for certain items on the Internet while the other which is the polling feature, may become a runaway hit. The polling feature will be available for groups on Facebook and this will allow users to vote for something and get results very easily.

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download Facebook Messenger apk

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Worth trying Facebook Messenger

Some specific things stood aside in this fifth version: the camera function now does not have automatic effects in black and white and sepia, but that in no way will be missed.

However, the images are now smaller, and in landscape format, taking half of the area that was captured in previous versions. The photo search on the internet also left the scene, and this may bother some users.

How to get the Facebook Messenger on your Android device?

Getting the Facebook Messenger on your Android handset is a simple as it can get because it is available both on the Google Play Store and also the official website of Facebook. You just have to visit either of the two places and download and install the app from there. So go ahead and get it now and you may be just in time to get the AI based features which you can have a lot of fun with.

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Facebook Messanger apk Download

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