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Fallout Shelter APK

Fallout Shelter Apk is probably one of the most original survival games that have come out in the recent period. For those who don’t know what survival games are, they are simulation games where you must survive in a world full of challenges by collecting items and building and not so often but by combat as well. Fallout Shelter truly inspires the gamers’ survival skills and has a lot of interesting challenges to overcome. Like most survival games it has no true ending, although at one point there are no more challenges left to overcome. Even though Fallout Shelter has received mixed reviews, we are here to explain the basics of the game-play and a few ups and downs as compared to other survival games, and of course, steps to download. So whether you’re a newbie to the world of Survival Games or a seasoned survivor, read on!

Fallout Shelter APK

Features of Fallout Shelter Apk

  1. Fallout Shelter is basically about protecting, running, and evolving a post-apocalyptic human shelter dug inside a mountain. The basic focus of the gameplay is on being able to fend for the population of your shelter. As the number keeps growing through birth inside the shelter or with more people coming in, the challenges get tougher. The player needs to build room by digging into the mountain, build more cafeterias to feed, water treatment plants to have water, and power stations to power all these facilities. But on the upside, with the increment of the population also comes increment in working hands. An elegant concept introduced within the game is that every individual has their stats and must be given work where they fit. It’s almost as if Fallout Shelter is built to inspire a perfect society.
  2. Like all survival games, you get attacked by some creatures which may leave your shelter empty of resources. So while the player needs to work on providing food, water and shelter, they also need to look out for security. A huge up in Fallout Shelter is that things get built immediately if you have the necessary resources ready. In most survival games you need to wait for a couple of hours at least to build something, and this instant build feature makes the Fallout Shelter game play really interesting.
  3. While the game tends to be really tough towards the beginning of it, once you have reached a sizeable population for your Shelter, most of the tasks turn out to be easy. So basically like most survival games it is a game of patience. There might multiple times that you get attacked by bandits or creatures who rob you off your resources thus forcing you to abandon your shelter’s citizens, but that should not discourage the gamers as there are many perks within the game which reveal themselves over time and make the game play smoother and at the same time interesting as well. However, once the player reaches about 125+ population for the Shelter there really is nothing more left to do except build more facilities and fend off attacks. While it is really awesome to check on your ever growing shelter every once in a while, the lack of higher challenges seem to render the game neutral. So Fallout Shelter seems to be more of a short lived game on the gamers’ catalogue, however still a really fun one.

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Fallout Shelter APK download

New in Latest Version of Fallout Shelter Apk

Supervisors need to look out for the new threats for their vault persons. Some vaults will be reported by the attacks that were made by tunneling mole rats and angry Death scratches.

Overseers are provided with their own robot butler.

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Fallout Shelter Mod Information
  • Easy to level up.
  • 999 999 caps for leveling up.
  • Dwellers capacity will be maxed.
Fallout Shelter apk Mega Mod Information
  • Infinite Caps (increased)
  • Infinite Power (increased)
  • nfinite Water (increased)
  • Infinite Food (increased)
  • Infinite Stimpacks (increased)
  • Infinite RedAways (increased)
  • Infinite Inventory Space
  • Immediate Level Up on rush success
  • Immediate Level Up on rush emergency event success
  • Unlimited caps (level up a dweller, reward will be infinite caps)
  • Fast Level up (on Rush Success your Dwellers will level up instantly)
  • Infinite Lunchboxes (not decreasing)
  • Mission Reward always claimable

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How to Download:

Fallout Shelter is truly an awesome game for people who like to played games that aren’t too gory or violent but at the same time offers some amazing game play that allows the game to reflect on their conditions. It was initially released only for iOS platforms but later on the good people of Bethesda Softworks went ahead and released it for Android devices as well. So here are steps to download Fallout Shelter on both platforms.

Fallout Shelter apk Download

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