Farm Heroes Saga apk

Farm Heroes Saga apk

Tetris has been one of the most popular games in the world since the beginning of video games and gaming. Remember those primitive handheld video game devices which had Tetris in them albeit the black and white one? Tetris then also came about for the video games with cassettes and also for the PlayStations and Xboxes. It has also inspired a lot of games, one of which is the Candy Crush game of King. Following the Candy Crush success, King released another of its games in the same pattern and called it the Farm Heroes Saga.

Farm Heroes Saga apk

King had to be very careful this time and strategize very well because they have already released similar games in hordes and, hence, the release of another similar game could possibly ward off users. That is why Farm Heroes Saga was created as a match-three game so that users would not get bored and exasperated with the same game over and over again. It follows the same pattern in the game style map that is offered to the user at the very beginning. The user has to clear every level and progress on the map. The wall that prevents users from seeing what lies beyond it is also present which has to be unlocked by in-app purchases or by sending requests on Facebook. All of these things are really familiar. So let us get into the game to understand whether there is any essential difference.

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Farm Heroes Saga gameplay:

  • This time, the theme of the game is based on the farm where instead of candies users have to match of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes even animals have to be matched. The vegetables are also referred to as “cropsies” to make it sound cute. Users have to match 3 or more of these elements in order to clear the board up and like in previous versions matching more than 3 will result in more points. It does not, however, offer special pieces like the special candies that are on offer in the Candy Crush versions.
  • There are also special items like flowers, eggs, and grass tiles that need to be matched well another twist is the transitional board shape which changes from level to level. There is also a Hero mode that has been included in the game. Any user can get into this mode by finishing up the puzzle within the specified number of moves while there are still some in hand. The rest of the moves have to be made in this hero mode which plays a very significant part in boosting a player’s score. Typical of all King games, this one gets exceptionally hard in the higher levels and sometimes requires an in-app purchase or two.

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download Farm Heroes Saga

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  • There are also some magic beans that users can win by clearing stages and these can be used later in the Boss stage. The Boss stage is a new element in the game where there is a raccoon which destroys all the fruits and vegetables of the user and in order to get rid of it, the user has to quickly complete a puzzle and also collect the crops that weaken the raccoon. There is a life bar of the raccoon on the upper left-hand corner of the screen which users have to continuously monitor while playing that stage. The magic beans that were collected earlier can be used to weaken the raccoon also.
  • In-app purchases in the game can be made to gather boosters that will help users in progressing in the game quickly and also free up levels that users are stuck in. If you do not want to spend money for this game then you have to wait patiently in order for the boosters to be released automatically with your progress in the game. But the drawback is that once the boosters are released you can use them only once and then again you have to wait for a period of time before the boosters are released again. The ability to buy lives are still there and asking help on Facebook is also another viable option to not spend money.
  • This time around King has incorporated something that might irritate many users which is a mandatory payment that you have to make at some stage of the game by making an in-app purchase. The thing about this element is that you cannot play your way through this one and hope that patiently waiting for some time might solve the problem.
  • Apart from that, there is no real problem with this game that King has released. It has a great tutorial that instructs new users at the very beginning so that the game becomes very easy to play. The graphics, as usual, is very colourful and vibrant and there are a lot of levels which makes the game addictive and exciting at the same time because users can look forward to new things at every level.

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How to get Farm Heroes Saga on your Android?

As is the norm with most of the games released by King, Farm Heroes Saga is available on the Google Play Store for users to download and install for free. Users can also directly go to the official website of King and download the app from there. There are no complications to this process so just go ahead, install it, and start farming your way through life.

Farm Heroes Saga apk Download

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