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Launchers have occupied a very prominent place in every phone and the Android Operating System. It is a time when people care both about the external looks of a phone as well as how it looks on the inside. GO Launcher EX APK is one of the most famous of Android launchers with its massive package of customizable options, widgets, wallpapers, and also great special effects. It is smart, it looks excellent, and it is also very efficient, qualities which combine to make this app an indispensable one. So if you think that the looks of your phone or not good enough then you can trust this app blindly to change that. There are many other launchers that are available in the market right now but they are not perfect because there are some deficiencies in everyone but GO Launcher EX is the only one which seems to be without any flaw, at least not very noticeable ones. So let us now take a look at what this launcher offers that has help it rise to the top of this field.

go launcher ex dowload

Go Launcher EX features:

  • Since we are talking about launchers, the first thing that we need to talk about are the themes that are offered. This launcher is far from being minimalistic in design because it offers a lot of colors and icons and functions on one screen. There are some great transition effects, classy looking icons, and giving them a run for their money are fantastic widgets that look good and work even better. There are numerous themes that the user can choose from and more can be downloaded from the Go Themes app, thereby signaling that the supply of themes is never ending. Some of them are paid but the rest come absolutely free.
  • The widgets are absolutely fantastic because they offer a wide range of functions and look good too. There are the regular widgets like weather, clock, calendar, quick links to WiFi and Bluetooth, and others. There is also a Clean Master widget which can clear junk files, boost RAM, and also kill off any idle background process. There is a new feature called Toucher that has been included which is the menu that extends from both the sides and can be accessed by swiping. The menu from the left comes with brightness settings, auto rotate, and WiFi while the menu from the right brings up the dialer, messaging, and Gmail shortcuts. The Toucher can be pressed directly in order to bring up the Go settings menu.
  • The user interface is great and has the right things at the right place so that are user does not face any difficulty while navigating the phone. I have earlier mentioned that there are a lot of features and everything going on with the GO Launcher EX but that does not, in any way, complicate the user interaction. The amount of customization that is allowed is also wonderful because the user can design the home screen in any way and also keep all remove any app on the app drawer.
  • The transition effect that the GO Launcher EX comes with a really awesome and feature the phone regular transitioning effects which include Crossfade, Windmill, Chariot, and Roll. There is no compromise in speed in any of the effects. Special features also include some extra gestures like drawing an L on the lock screen will open Gmail directly.
  • There is also a paid version of the GO Launcher EX which is called Go Launcher Prime. However, most of the wonderful features are available in the free version itself. The paid version includes more transition effects and more multi-touch gestures. The free version uses also have to bear ads.

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User Interface of Go launcher ex Theme

You can not judge the GO Launcher EX only for their looks, as his most prominent is precisely the possibility of changing it for various interfaces with a few clicks. Anyway, the two interfaces coming embedded in the tool are very interesting.

One has a very traditional style, with icons made only contours, and the other has a more comical look with rounded and quite colorful elements. In both, you can check a multitude of quite unique transition effects. Ie anything launchers imitations manufacturers like Samsung and Sony are the pure Android’s standard interface.

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The GO Launcher EX is available on the Google Play Store and, hence, it is really easy to get. Just visit the Play Store and download and install the app. Here is the official link if you want to download it directly from this page.

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