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Google Chrome apk

Google Chrome apk is the mobile version of the eponymous browser developed for computers. Through it, you can access the internet taking advantage of several features of Chrome for PCs, as well as synchronization between multiple devices. With Chrome apk, you can browse through several tabs at once, with an easy transition system between them.

google chrome apk

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best web browser available for android, windows or iOS devices. It serves all your surfing purposes and much more. In today’s world it is very important to stay connected even on the go, and this is the primary purpose of Google Chrome. If you’ve used the Google Chrome browser on your laptop let me tell you right away that this app too has almost all the features that the PC software has. And if you haven’t used Google Chrome on your pc and you are in search for a browser for your smartphone or tablet, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the best option you have out there. This sleek and really handy version of Google Chrome is available absolutely for free on android, windows and iOS devices and gives you the internet experience to the fullest. So read on to find out more about the Google Chrome app and steps on how to download it.

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Google Chrome is quite a household name in the world of internet and ever since the app version came out a whooping 500 million people have started using it on their smartphones and tablets. Why is Google Chroe this popular? Well firstly it’s really easy to use. There is just one options button that lets you avail all the options through which you cans tore your favorites, mark websites, check your downloads, recent tabs, settings etc. It lets the user run multiple tabs at the same time and switch from on tab to another just by one simple touch. Browsing has never been made this simple. It also keeps a check of the websites you visit and creates a home screen with your most visited site one touch options as well as a live Google search bar. You can also get to decide whether a website link stays on your home screen or not, or you can just avail the incognito mode which doesn’t record your surfing history into the app. However the incognito mode does not hide your browsing history from your internet service provider.

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chrome apk download

Google Chrome apk New homepage

The latest version of Google Chrome allows you to log into it with your Google id and this option basically syncs all your Google Chrome preferences from your laptop onto your smartphone or pc. Another feature that puts Google Chrome on top of the others is that it makes the website appear friendly to the device and ensures the minimum data costs. The browsing experience also becomes faster as a result of this even for 2g users! The latest version even comes with a voice controlled search button and translation option. So basically Google Chrome becomes one of the primary apps that need to be installed on your device. It is the smartest way of browsing the internet in today’s world and requires no extra hassle. The latest version is available absolutely for free so read on to find out how to download and install Google Chrome on your device.

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Google Chrome apk Sliding navigation bar

The navigation bar is no longer fixed as well. When you slide your finger up, rolling down the page, it leaves off, providing more space for navigation. But just slide down to it reappear.

The most visited pages now do not take the whole screen and are positioned just below the logo and search / address bar. To fit all these elements the home page can now be scrolled down.

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Google Chrome apk End of the bottom bar

Another difference is that there is more to the bottom bar that separated the bookmarks and recently opened the rest of the screen guides: everything was cast on one thing only and only the icons were kept.

There was an overhaul in the functions that are on the bottom bar: a synchronized guide now combines the recently closed pages and also open pages on other devices. The Favorites function remains, and it is no longer possible to switch between tabs, due to the extinction of the bar. Now we need to touch back to see the home page again.

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Menu prettier

Another significant change came in the top of the page. As the navigation bar has disappeared from the home page, now you will only see the icon indicating the number of open pages and the floating menu on the far right.

Speaking of the menu, he received a very beautiful animation in one of the most remarkable changes of the Material Design. Moreover, the button to stop charging or update has been relocated to within this menu.

Google Chrome has become increasingly popular in the world of smartphones and tablets and it is available absolutely for free. So here are steps to download and install Google Chrome on your device!

Installing Google Chrome from Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Search for Google Chrome app.
  • Tap on the Install button.
  • When the prompt window appears read the terms and access permissions.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Accept button.
  • This will start the installation.
  • Once it is complete, go to the home screen of your device.
  • Open the Menu and locate the app icon.
  • Tap on it to launch.

Google Chrome apk Download

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