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google play apk On the Google Play Store usually find great apps, but as we’ve said a few times, the world of Android applications are not just in the aforesaid Play Store. Today we leave you with a list of applications by users reddit application worthwhile but are not on the official market. Let them.

The Google Play Store is Google’s official app marketplace. It is the place where all kinds of apps find a place so that they can be exhibited. All Android users visit the Google Play Store for their needs as there are all kinds of apps that are to be found here. Google has made this Play Store with the primary intention of providing users with apps. Since Google’s Android is the main operating system in most of the mobile handsets nowadays, it is to some extent Google’s responsibility to provide those apps that make the operating system functional and more efficient. Google has taken this responsibility very well and has also delivered proper services every time. Google bosses understood that it is impossible for Google alone to keep on creating apps and presenting them to users on the Google Play Store because of the various needs of people and also because Google did not want to create its own complete monopoly in this business.

5.8.8 Google Play Store APK

Google has, therefore, allowed other people to create apps and exhibit them on the Play Store. These are mostly web content masters and app developers who have taken up the responsibility to create apps of every conceivable kind so that users do not face any shortage of options if they want to download and install an app. It has also in turn given way to a form of revenue generation where app makers earn money from Google if their apps have a lot of downloads and become very popular. This has encouraged many app developers to create all kinds of new apps to entice people and thus help them in a way and also help themselves.

Why regular Google Play Store updates are required?

Of the basic things that are needed, the Google Play Store offers everything that a user might need on his/her smartphone. It offers a range of apps from its own stable that can provide a user with a full range of functionalities. There is a Google Play Movies and TV app which the user can utilize to stream video content. There is a Google Play Books which provides online PDFs and ebooks. There is a Google Newsstand which provides users with the latest news from all over the world by acting as a news aggregator and collecting all the latest headlines from all major news sources. The Google Play Music is known to all as a very good online music streaming service and lastly, there is the Google Play Games which enables users to play games without worrying because it automatically stores all game information.

most users is a fact that Google keeps on releasing regular and frequent updates of the Google Play Store which most users are unaware of and, therefore, do not update. This is harmful because all new updates come with modifications and bug fixes that not only make the Google Play Store efficient but also more stable. It is advised, therefore, that users should update the Google Play Store once in a while according to their convenience.

Google Play Store latest update:

The latest update of the Google Play Store is the Google Play version 6.9.15 and it has 2 or 3 new features that look really promising. The app streaming update which has been the talk of the town for some time now is present in this one. This app streaming function allows users to test an app remotely without downloading and installing it onto his/her Android device. This is a very useful function that could very well turn out to be a great hit if it is developed properly in the future. Even now, it is still useful because often we encounter apps that we want to use but are unsure of because we have not heard of it earlier. The 6.9.15 update also provides indications that the future Play Store interface based on virtual reality might also be available in the coming update.


As you can see and understand now, keeping tabs on Google Play Store updates is really a good thing to do. So go ahead and install the current one now and keep visiting the space to be informed about new ones that are released.

Now it is common knowledge that the Google Play Store comes automatically installed on all phones that use the Android Operating System but a problem that occurs with 

Updated: Google Play store apk

[01/30/2017] Google has just released a small update for the Play Store . This is an animation icon’s flyout, also known as hamburger.

So now when you navigate between pages of details of each application, the icon will become a burger arrow button after.

This new version of Google Play incorporates some user interface tweaks . The first change relates to the characters of the family section of the Play Store, bringing a new animation slipping icon of an application to the middle of the screen when touched.

The second change is that the green box that contains the list of changes is now a lighter shade of green, and has slightly extended the edge of the screen. Meanwhile, the text in the box changed from black to light green.

These changes may be small, but they show that Google is continually working to improve the user experience of their applications.

Google Play Store version 5.8.11

Google Play Store version 5.7.10

Google Play Store version 5.6.6

Google Play Store Version 5.5.8

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