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Hotstar Go Solo

Hotstar Go Solo is the entertainment app developed by Star India Private Limited. This app lets you, infact any user, access a whole bunch of videos online. All of the videos that they put up on this application, which also has a web version, are completely free to watch. And just because the content is free does not mean that they restrict your viewing. You can watch  anything and everything present there in their full length.

It is quite difficult to apprehend and come to terms with the fact that a reputed name in the entertainment business like Star India actually has released an online video streaming app which does not charge anything at all. And when we do believe it, we take it for sure that there must be something up with the content they provide. Read the features section to know whether your apprehension is correct or not.


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Hotstar Go Solo Download

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Hotstar Go Features:

Hotstar Go Solo is an app which is available for both Android and iOS phones. And if you do not possess either of the two, you can still access the contents from the official website. Unlike most other free online movie and TV show streaming applications which are not available on any official app store, this one from the house of Star is there. You can get this app from Google Play Store if you have an Android or iTunes App Store if you own an iPhone or iPad or iPod Touch.

  • Video Quality and Internet Connectivity:

This app offers a choice of video quality. But it is dependent on your Internet connectivity. For normal viewing, the user needs to have a 5 MBPS internet connection with at least 2 GB RAM on the device. They also provide High Definition videos. But for that, the internet connection has to be at least 10 MBPS.

  • Content:

    The most important part, however, is the content that they provide. It is of utmost important that any movie streaming app has a varied and interesting and impressive collection of films. Star has made their app attractive in the sense that it has become the go-to app for the soap lovers and movie lovers alike. They have a huge list of movies that you can browse through.

    In fact, there are not only your Bollywood movies, but there are significant numbers of good Hollywood movies in their entirety. To access these, you just need to go to the Movies section from the on-click-appear menu.

But what sets this app apart from the rest, you ask? Let me tell you. If you are familiar with the entertainment scene of India, you will know that Star India Pvt Ltd is one of the leading companies in this area. This company not only has national channels but also a great range of regional ones. Now all of the serials and shows and reality shows and stand up comedy shows, in short every single thing that is aired on all of these channels, can be streamed from Hotstar app.


In addition to these awesome news, you can also get cricket and football matches streamed live to your mobile. Yes, you can get live streaming for sport matches that air on Star Sports. Could it be more awesome? I believe not!


Download Hostar Go Solo apk Application

Now let us see how to install this amazing app on your smart devices. As I have already said before, this app is available on both Google Play Store and iTunes App Store. But there are more ways of getting this app. The best of them is to get it directly from the official website. But there is generally no need as we are always better off in downloading the app from the app store.

Installing from official app stores:

This is a process we all are overtly familiar with by now. But here it goes again.

  • Open the official app store on your device. For Android it is Google Play Store and iTunes App Store for iOS devices.
  • Search for Hotstar using the search box.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Grant all the permission access requests or trust the app as required, depending on your device.
  • Wait till the process is complete and fire up the app from the Menu whenever you want to.

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Get Hostar Go Solo Apk File Online Free

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Hotstar Go solo

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