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Hungry Shark World APK

Ubisoft, one of the most popular games developers, have developed Hungry Shark World APK

All of you mobile gamers out there must have heard the name of the Hungry Shark series Hungry Shark World is one of the latest game from the famed series. This action based mobile game is developed by Ubisoft Entertainment just like the others of the series. This is a must have game if you are a fan of Action based mobile gaming. Read this article for more about this app. You will also find a detailed step by step download tutorial for your benefit.


Ubisoft Entertainment is a known name in the world of mobile games, especially in the action genre. They came to be famous with this very series. Hungry Shark World is the latest game of this series which has now become a popular franchise. The game is very addictive and fun to play. Read more about this app here.

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Hungry Shark World apk Download

Hungry Shark World apk is completely an action game developed by the game developers of Ubisoft mainly for the Android users. In the Hungry Shark World apk game, the primary role is a giant Hungry Shark played by the player, and the main intention of the Shark is to protect itself from the dangerous adversaries and survive by in taking the food that comes in its pathway.

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You can find a total of 17 species of sharks and other 7 different sized Sharks. All these 7 different sharks have 7 various powers that come in various sizes and possess peculiar skills.Each and every species of Sharks from the 17 species has its individual strong hold and features. Some sharks come with the capability like swimming at a rapid speed, bits harder and passes through the hungry levels in the game.

The primary role of the player is to save the shark from getting trapped by the unknown opponents. You need to make your shark eat as much as possible and survive as long as possible and pass through all the hungry levels of the game.

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Hungry Shark World Gameplay:

The gameplay of this app is quite interesting and engaging. The game revolves around a single lone shark that is controlled by the player. The aim is to kill other sharks and survive in the vast world of the oceans. You have to outwit and eat the other marine animals to survive and get stronger. However, there are limitations to that as well.

When you start playing the game, you have only one Shark to choose from. Later as you keep growing and reach the maximum growth of the shark you are assigned to, the next shark is unlocked. And it is because of this, there are limitations to which shark can eat which marine animal. For example, smaller sharks like the initial one named reef shark can not eat huge marine animals. As you proceed with the game, you unlock newer sharks and newer quests.


Name of the Game: Hungry Shark World

Developers of the Game: Ubisoft

Updated Version: 1.0.6

Genre: Action

Hungry Shark World Apk Features:

  • Now it is time for us to see what the features are. Hungry Shark World is quite famous for the graphics. But what the gamers will find to be the most exciting is that there are no limits. Nowadays, all of the mobile games are limited either by time or by life. Unlike all of those games that leave you in excruciating longing, it actually lets you play as much as you want to.
  • To continue with the graphics part, the pictures are so beautifully animated that they are almost grotesque when the sharks kill. And why wouldn’t it be? The developers have used 3D graphics in building the game.
  • There are 20 different types of sharks that are available for you to collect. And all of them have three different sizes. The sizes grow bigger as you keep providing them with food, that is other marine animals. The health of the shark that you are controlling keeps deteriorating if left alone without food for a long time.
  • There are three different ocean worlds that you can explore in this game. These three worlds are Pacific Island, Arctic Ocean and Arabian Sea. Along with this beautiful and picturesque locations, there are 20 different mission types. And there are more than 100 different enemies that you will face. And these enemies not only include various interesting marine creatures, it also has a number of submarines that you have escape from.

Hungry Shark Help and Boosts:

Do not think that you will only have to fight with a shark. You can also get gadgets. The gadgets include headphones, laser beams and more. You can also get pets. The more pets you unlock the more your predatory power increases. However, most of these are to be bought. The game is free to download, but these additional things and goodies that will help you in completing the game are only to be bought with real time money.

New Changes in the Latest Version of Hungry Shark World APK 1.0.6

Here is the latest updated version of Hungry Shark World game 1.0.6 that has come up with amazing new features with a lot more improvements and changes that aid the Hungry Shark.

  • Turtle and Octopus are the two new pets that come all the way to help the Hungry Shark.
  • In the latest version, you can find exceptional equipment and tools to ensure the Hungry Shark for a long time.

Downloading and Installing Hungry Shark World:

Hopefully, you have found the game quiet interesting. And if you have decided to get this application on your mobile phone or tablet then that is no wonder. The game is compatible with Android V4.2 and above. So if your device meets this basic requirement, read on to get a complete instruction of how to download and install this amazing action game.

  • Launch Google Play Store.
  • Type Hungry Shark World in the search box.
  • Tap on Install.
  • Give the access permissions asked for by the app.
  • Wait while the installation takes place.
  • Once it is over, go to your home screen.
  • Then open the Menu and locate the app icon.
  • Tap on it to launch and enjoy the joy of playing the shark!

Download Hungry Shark World APK

Hope this tutorial helps you in the best way to download and install the Hungry Shark World apk game on your Android phone using the APK file.

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