Download Instwogram apk: use two Instagram accounts

use two Instagram Accounts with Instwogram apk app

Although you might log off and open a new one with another account, the truth is to do it several times a day is probably a terrible headache and finish with the patience of anyone, so in this article I will teach you how to duplicate the application Instagram so that in this way you can use two Instagram accounts on your smartphone, I mean in the same phone, so you do not have to log in either.

Instwogram apk

Anyone who delves a bit about Android finished sometime in the XDA Developers forum where several independent developers show their work and an infinite number of interesting and new things about Android is ultimately published the largest Android community dedicated to Internet and the application I want to recommend just out of that community, developed by user Me-Nex S

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Instwogram as the name implies you do is clone the application so that your phone can use two accounts simultaneously , obviously you will not lose any function or absolutely, will be managing both you count as if you had not duplicate anything, I mean quite normal. On the issue of interface is exactly the same, the only downside is that it can not get from Google Play, must go to XDA forum and download the apk , once you have all you need to do is pass the cell and any file manager application (ES File Explorer recommend) find where you saved after you open and install and easy.

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Social Duplicator iphone app to use two Instagram accounts in single mobile

On the other hand we have iOS and not worth the above application, but has its own option and works well, it is called Social Duplicator and works in a similar way as the app making it double the official application Instagram note that you can duplicate several times to have multiple accounts but obviously each of these copies will see an icon on the desktop, so do not put yourself too, also if you have 2-3 accounts each time you want open any of them simply press Instagram icon that account and go.

Keep in mind that Social Duplicator not in the App Store so it works in the same way that a Cydia tweak, to make use of the Jaibreak you must make your iPhone, this is mandatory.

How to use it once you just installed it is to open the configuration panel Social Duplicator, now in the part that says Choose an App Select an application selected and that the list of applications that support the app will appear and you have installed flag Instagram and then the option that says “Duplicate” ready that would be all.

The reason he had not done this before, is simply because Instagram does not allow you to manage multiple accounts at once from your application, and as we all know there is no desktop app from which you can upload photos, the ideal is to have Instagram on your smartphone and from there take photo upload instantly, but the company worth billions of millions of dollars, will not let you do it in more than one account at a time.

The alternative is to go through the tedious process of logging – log – log – sign – if you want to do from Instagram, which not only sounds incredibly annoying but prevents you from receiving notifications in the two accounts simultaneously .

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Thanks to the fabulous community of XDA Developers who always solves everything, and what is not invent it, comes Instwogram a draft I-Nex S which is responsible for cloning the latest version of Instagram so you can have two accounts to Instagram on your Android device that can be used simultaneously and are fully functional .

With Instwogram you can do everything you do with Instagram , it is a perfect clone of the application, exactly the same, but in which you can log in with a second account, which shows separate notifications and launched from its own instance. Yes, Instwogram not in the Play Store , and you must download the APK from the page XDA forum. Remember to install applications that are not from the Google store, you must go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources and tick.

Instwogram not be automatically updated, and if for some reason stops working post must go to XDA forum have posted a check for a new version. The application does not need superuser permissions (root access), but has some plugins that let you download photos from Instagram to your mobile phone if need permits, you decide if you want this extra or not. I’m using it without the slightest inconvenience and is certainly something great. The ideal for anyone who wants to create you a complement Instagram your pet

Once the file is downloaded APK perfect, just install Instwogram and login as usual. There is no noticeable difference between Instagram (official app) and Instwogram. Only the login screen are slightly different.


Download Instwogram apk: use two Instagram accounts
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