Download Instwogram apk: use two Instagram accounts

use two Instagram Accounts with Instwogram apk app

Instagram is one of the best photo sharing social networks that is ruling the world right now. With new updates and features, Instagram is running away with the ‘best social photo sharing app’ tag. Instagram is a platform for users who want to share photos and videos and it is also being widely used for advertisement purposes nowadays. With 150 million users and billions of photos uploaded every day, Instagram has become a very powerful force. The need to have two Instagram accounts is thereby increasing day by day and there are thousands of queries on the Internet as to how one user can create and manage two Instagram accounts. Instwogram apk

There are many apps that have been created to manage two accounts simultaneously but one of the most efficient and lightweight among them is Instwogram. This is an app via which one user can control and maintain a couple of Instagram accounts. The official app has also released a way by which users can control to different accounts in the app simultaneously but it is very confusing and may result in Instagram crashing several times.

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Instwogram features and how it works:

Well as you can understand, this app makes managing two Instagram accounts very easy. It has some features which are really awesome and helps users to a large extent.

  • The biggest advantage that this year brings with it is its ability to work on non-rooted devices. Apps from outside the Google Play Store generally require rooted or jailbroken devices in order to function correctly but this one does not need that.
  • It looks exactly like the original Instagram account and you can share your photos and videos just like in the original one. It is also quite fast and smooth and does not have the side effects that are usually found on such cloning applications.
  • You can follow and unfollow other users, add locations to your photos, and also share your photos directly from the app to other social media networks like Facebook and Tumblr.
  • Instwogram has been developed by the XDA community, which is a big name in the tech world. All of its features are exactly like the official Instagram app and, it is very difficult to find any fault or difference in it.
  • The minimum working requirement of this app is also extremely low and users with the Android version 2.2 or above can easily access and use it. 

    You are now fully informed about the features of Instwogram and let me tell you how to use the app so that you can take full advantage of its offerings. After that, I will provide a list of steps that you can follow to actually download and install apk file of Instwogram.

  • After you have completed the installation of the app, do not open it immediately. First, you have to create your second Instagram account.
  • After the creation of your second account, you can go ahead and launch the app.
  • When the sign in prompt appears, enter the information of your newly created second account.
  • Now you can manage your official Instagram account from the official app and your secondary Instagram account from the Instwogram app.

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How to get Instwogram on your Android device?

  • The app is not available on the Google Play Store and, therefore, you have to choose a well-known reliable site from the Internet to download it from. You have to fulfill this requirement because unknown websites often provide corrupt files all those that are affected by some sort of virus.
  • After downloading the file, you have to enable the Unknown Sources option from the Security menu of your phone Settings. This is a software that is not available on the Google Play Store and your Android device will flash frequent warnings about its developer being untrusted. Doing this, will stop the warnings from appearing.
  • Now you can install the file just like you install files from the Google Play Store.
  • As soon as the installation is complete and you check that the app is working correctly, you have to go back and disable the Unknown Sources option because it is a security risk which hackers or viruses could exploit.

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Now you know how you can manage two Instagram accounts simultaneously from your phone. It is exciting to know about things that you are not aware of and that is why I advise that you go and do it immediately and enjoy the tremendous amount of fun that this app provides to its users.



Download Instwogram apk: use two Instagram accounts
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