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Link2sd apk

We often find that moving applications from the internal phone memory to the phone’s SD card is often a nasty business. Some applications just refuse to be transferred, some get corrupt after being transferred, and there are various other problems that crop up. To avoid all this, there is a software called Link2SD which is now the most popular file moving software for an Android device. Let us see what this software offers that it has become so popular.

link2sd apks

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Link2SD features:

  • The biggest thing about this app is that it is completely free and it only requires Android version 2.0 or above to function. At 4 Mb, this app is minuscule in size but mammoth in function and with a user rating of 3 out of 5, it can be said that it is truly one of the best.
  • There is a paid version of this app which is called the Link2SD Plus. It offers some extra functions like internal data linking of apps and games and also an auto clearing cache service but apart from that most of the essential features are present in the basic version itself.
  • This app forces the movement of a file or apps from the phone memory to the SD card and it also notifies its users when a movable app is installed. It can also freeze and de-freeze user apps and convert system apps into user apps which enables a user to remove them if he/she wants.
  • Clearing data and cache are also some of the functions that it performs. It also supports 40 different languages which make it a big hit. Sorting and filtering apps by name and size can also be done through this app and shortcuts can also be created.
  • Reboot, shutdown, quick reboot, reboot bootloader, and reboot recovery are some of its other functions along with the ability to clear the cache of all apps simultaneously.

How Link2SD Apk App Works:

With Link2SD, a user first has to create a partition on the SD card in order to let this app function fully and efficiently. Once that is done, this app can undertake all the functions that are mentioned above. Remember that you have to create two partitions on your SD card both of which should be primary. After that, you can just provide this app with the rooting permission and you will not have to worry about anything that is app-related anymore.

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link2sd apk download

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Download Link2sd plus apk

It is really simple to get this app on your phone and considering the world of good that it will do to your smartphone, you should get it installed as soon as you can. You just have to visit the Google Play Store where you will find the app and download and install it from there. Now that you know how to get it you should not be wasting any time.

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Link2sd APK Download

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