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The world of Android apps is ever growing and always on the path towards renovation. It is certainly these two attributes that paved the path towards Market Helper, a wonderful new app that allows the user to disguise their device as another device in order to introduce to it certain device specific apps. This may at first sound unnecessary but is really useful once you get to know the possibilities this app provides is limitless. And here we are to talk about exactly that, we are going to break down Market Helper for you and give a complete list of its attributes as well steps on how to download and use it! So, gadget on!

About Market Helper:

Developed by JRummy Apps Inc. Market Helper is one of those apps that allow the user to increase his reach in the world of Android apps and makes download of almost all apps possible. There are many device specific apps out there, as well as apps that only respond to certain in-device attributes that aren’t available on your device. Market Helper can spoof your id on the online android market and mask it as an id of the required device to download the app, and thereby download and install it on your device. This little masking mechanism that is performed by Market Helper is nothing new but however has never been exclusively available for users at their choice.

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Market-Helpe-APKSo basically what Market Helper does is it acquires theandroid market api required to know the specification of the device that is ideal for downloading of the said app. And then it masks your market id up with those specifications and thereby you get to download the app. And the best part, no booting is required at all in order to have your device spoofed. Market Helper works more of an add on app which doesn’t even appear on your app list. You can of course still track its use and uninstall it from your app device’s app settings. So just think about switching your device from a Nexus 7 to a Samsung Galalxy S4, and you can achieve that with Market Helper. This is truly an astounding app that can get you that app you’ve always wanted but was stuck due to unjust capitalist barriers.

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Talking about that, the Market Helper app is open source; thereby you can track the coding of the app and know exactly the function it performs. This just goes to show how awesome the people at JRummy Inc. really are. You simply search for the app that your require, once you find it give it a few seconds and the Market Helper app will pop up showing you a simple interface where you can spoof your device’sid to the required one. Once this is done your device will take you back to app market service’s page and within a few seconds you will be able to download the app that is required. And once you are done you can simply click on the restore button available on the app to un-spoof your device. And you do not need to boot your device even once in the process. Another unique things that this app provides is that any will never mess with any of the user’s build prop or framework records so do not expect any unknown changes to your device while using this app. Market Helper has already reached a million users who take to its services and it has never been known to cause malevolent activities through its usage. It is rather a safe app that allows the user to take control of more apps that they couldn’t get hold of before.

How to download and install Market Helper Apk:

Market Helper is a valuable and intriguing apparatus that gives you a chance to use applications you ordinarily wouldn’t have the capacity to. All things considered, remember that you’ll require an attached gadget to have the capacity to make use of it.

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Market Helper is an instrument for Android that offers clients some assistance with canning change/fake their attached gadgets to whatever other gadgets. It can make your Nexus 7 get to be Samsung Galaxy S3 in no time flat. No reboot is required.

The Market Helper app is available on the Google play store absolutely for free and is of a meager size so no need on the user’s part to worry about memory space.

  • Search for the Market Helper app on your Google Play store
  • Click on it download
  • Go to your device’s settings and tick the option that allows un-trusted apps to run (this is just so that you are not bugged with notifications)
  • Find the Market Helper apk on your downloads list and click on it to install

Martket Helper APK

Why do I have to use this app?

Market Helper is used to download and introduce distinct applications on your gadgets. For instance, in case you need to introduce Viber on your Nexus 7, switch it to Samsung Galaxy S3 and you’ll can. On the other hand if you changed your DPI setting, you’ll discover this application is extremely helpful.

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