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Modern combat 5 apk

So Gameloft released its 5th venture into the Modern Combat series, and it’s simply a first person shooter stunner! It’s going by the name Blackout and this game has become an instant favorite for touchpad gamers with its amazing graphics and all new game play sections. For all the gamers looking for a simple first person shooter game that will keep you engrossed all day, Modern Combat 5: Blackout should be your first pick and we are here to tell you why! This article will give a detailed review on its game play and other features and also include steps on how to download it. So gamers, read on!


Modern Combat Gameplay:

So firstly Modern Combat 5 has one of the finest touch screen controls that gamers can get their hands on. And I don’t say this simply because of the smoothness but also the clever touch patterns involved throughout the gameplay. Modern Combat 5: Blackout takes you through one crazy journey pitted against a terrorist organization. While levels may seem repetitive at the beginning once you get ahead in the game you will notice that there quite a few variations in the gameplay options. Modern Combat 5: Blackout offers you 4 different types of missions, 3 types of side missions, and of course the multiplayer. So this game is quite capable of having the gamer attuned to their device for hours. Each of the main campaign types, assault, heavy, recon, and sniper; require special skills attributed to the player in order to be played, and these can be unlocked with skill points earned in every mission. As with the previous games in the Modern Combat series, the ratio of earning skill points to expenditure is quite reasonable so you can keep your hands off online purchases.

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Modern combat 5 : Select a class of your choice

What’s really fun though is the side missions known as ‘Special ops’ where you have 3 different types, clearing a room full of enemies in bullet time, providing your team cover with gatling guns, or with a sniper. These are provided quite frequently within the course of main missions and can help in earning skill points and are really an interesting addition to the game. There are a lot more added features to Modern Combat 5: Blackout that make it really awesome. For example you get to customize every gun and also measure the amount of splatter it’s going to make! Now that’s something you don’t find in your usual FPS! Modern Combat 5: Blackout is basically a lot of thought put into an FPS game for a smaller screen. While it keeps the usual format of touch screen intact it put a lot of feel into the game play and truly resounds as one of the top games in this category.

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Modern combat 5 apk : Ultimate multiplayer option

The multiplayer segment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout is another interesting thing. It provides 3 types of game plays. While the player can choose to just play alongside players in a normal everyone against everyone match, they are also given the option of flag matches as well as 6 on 6 team games. This multiplayer variation amps up the game’s ante quite a lot as getting to play such good multiplayer action in the touch FPS gaming world wasn’t quite known. It remains lag free and does justice to the world of FPS gaming, but most of those multiplayer matches are going to require a lot of skill, so we suggest on getting some practice in the campaign mode before you hit the multiplayer arena!

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Unique gaming style

In this we should get more xp and by using that we can do level up in individual and in multiplayer game. In this we have different weapons. We can unlock the higher level weapons by using the lower level weapons efficiently.So come play this wonderful 3d action game and enjoy to the peaks.

What’s going down:

Well firstly, you can’t play this game offline! That’s a big downer, so no wi-fi means no getting to play Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Well Gameloft kind of tried doing justice to this by not allowing any in app purchases but later on they were added to the game. The storyline can get a bit boring as it’s pretty linear and has nothing to offer, so it’s just the action that the game relies on.


How to download Modern Combat 5:

Modern Combat 5: Blackout is available absolutely for free so just follow the instructions below to download it on your device.

For Android users:

  • Search for Modern Combat 5: Blackout in your Google Play store
  • Click on download
  • Find the apk file in your download list and click on it to install

For iOS users:

  • Search for Modern Combat 5: Blackout in your iTunes app store
  • Click on download
  • Find the apk file in your download list and click on it to install

Modern combat 5 apk Download

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