Movietube 4.2, 4.1,4.3 apk Working Versions Download

Movietube 4.2 Apk app

Lets Download this Movietube 4.2 apk  working app , have you heard of it? It is the number one free movie app available for the android devices

Since torrents are facing an uncertain future, movie streaming is now the way to go. With the generation becoming more tech and Internet savvy from the 2000s, people have gradually transitioned from the VCDs and DVDs to digital content which does not require a very big physical medium to carry around. The same happened for music also which moved on from cassettes and gramophones to digital music files which do not require much space or devices to carry it in. Movie streaming websites are now the “in-thing” with regards to watching movies on devices. The advent of big screen smartphones and smart TVs have also changed the way people watch movies nowadays. The theater or the cinema hall has declined and importance considering the rapid rise of watching movies online from the comforts of home. There are many movie streaming websites which make it very difficult to decide which one to use. Movietube is one service that has won a lot of acclaim from the very beginning and let me in spell out the reasons why it is so.

movietube 4.2 apk file

Movietube 4.2 version which is working fine on all devices

Movie tube app is easy to use as it has a simple and user-friendly interface. The app is completely free to use and it also contains TV series. This app has features with all the high-quality movies such as YouTube 1080p movies, Hollywood Blu-Ray movies, Korean Drama, Google Doc 720p movies and latest TV series.

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movietube 4.2 apk

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Movie Tube 4.2.2 Apk


  • Movietube is an app that offers users video content from all over the world. It is available for Android and iOS. This app offers the user controls like 32 different language options, a multitude of genres, categories, trending, recent releases, and so on. It works in conjunction with YouTube and it also has the ability to filter out all the videos on YouTube that are more than 20 minutes in length or duration.
  • The Movietube app interface is a very minimalistic one which makes it very simple and easy to use. It has a black background and once a user launches it the ‘trending movies’ category shows up. Below it all the popular categorization of movies are available such as the ‘popular’ ones, the ones for ‘kids’, action, comedy, crime, and a whole lot of others.
  • The app also has the ability to filter out movies according to the language the user wants. There are 32 languages that are available and choosing any of them will result in the app offering movies in that language to the user, which is a feature that is wonderful and rarely available.
  • Movietube has a massive library due to which users will never be disappointed. There is something or the other available for everyone from Hollywood to Bollywood and even European movies. An added advantage is that all these movies are publicly available and therefore there is no violation or imprisonment of copyright as is often found in other apps.
  • There is also a ‘favorites‘ folder in the app which allows users to bookmark their favorite movies for offline viewing later. The search option is also quite robust and it gradually adapts itself to the user’s preferences and, therefore, provides some great suggestions if the movie required by the user is not available.
  • Due to its association with YouTube, the app also features short films, documentaries, movie trailers, behind-the-scenes videos, and other such stuff that is generally not available on other movie streaming services.
  • The size of this app is also a bonus because it is only 16 MB but it provides a whole lot of functions and entertainment that such a small size can rarely provide.
  • A user can click on the thumbnail of any movie that he/she wants and the app will redirect the user to a page where movie information is given in full. A little plot is offered along with the main cast. There is also suggestions list based on related movies. Clicking on the thumbnail again will start the movie in Movietube’s own video player.
  • Languages supported by Movietube include French, English, Chinese, Arabic, Indian, Russian, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
  • High definition or HD is offered as a standard in this app but some movies and videos go even higher up to 1080 pixels.

How to Download and Install the Movie Tube 4.2 Apk?

Movietube is an app which you cannot resist from downloading and installing on your Android device because it combines a lot of functions into one app and on top of it, it is legal, something which cannot be easily provided by other movie streaming websites. By getting this, you are free from every kind of law related issues. You can just follow the simple steps that I have given below in order to get it on your Android device.

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Downloading and Installing Movie Tube Apk for Android and iOS Users:

1.Android users should check the “unknown sources” before downloading in their android device for avoiding any inconvenience. To do this the android users should go to settings then General followed by security and check the unknown source there in their android device to avoid any inconvenience.

2.iOS users can directly download the app, but after downloading if any warning message appears on your screen, click on the Trust button and then proceed further.

Note: Once you are done with downloading and installing the app, you must remember to disable the Unknown Sources option that you had activated earlier because it is a security vulnerability that can be exploited by other people if it is not disabled.

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Movietube 4.2.2 apk Download

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