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Instagram is a social networking app just like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Move back Twitter; Instagram is the new ‘it’ app out there. You name any celebrity, and he/she is on Instagram. But how many times have you seen a brilliant quote, the picture of your favourite actress having her luncheon or your favourite soccer player in his practice session and wanted to download the picture and save it on your phone but couldn’t? You take a screenshot instead, which let’s just admit is not that great after all. OGInsta+ helps you do just that. Download your Instagram pictures with the exact features as the Instagram official app and more. Can’t believe it? Read this article to find out more.


Instagram is one very popular social networking app just like WhatsApp and Facebook.  Instagram is a photo and video sharing app that allows its users to share images and videos on a range of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.  The only notable difference with Instagram is that the photos are square in shape instead of 4:3 ratios that almost all of the mobiles of our time allow. The digital filter feature of Instagram, which became a trend in the later photo applications, is one of the best features as attested by users.  Instagram videos are only limited to a 15 seconds duration.


One of the best way of attaining popularity these days is to get celebrities from different spheres to join the app. Most of the celebrities these days are on Instagram to share their pics and videos with their fans because it is much easier to communicate with pictures. The hashtag trend that you might have heard about is also popularised almost made viral and is used to make things viral by Instagram.


OGInsta, which is also called as OGInstagram is a modified version of Instagram which is specifically designed for mobile devices.  It is an unofficial version of the original one.  This OGInsta allows the users to access account, publish photos, and follow other Instagram users. Then there are features to unfollow others as well and many more features that are present in Instagram.  But an added feature which sets this app apart and makes the difference between the official app is the downloading feature. While Instagram does not let the users download pictures, OG Insta does allow the users to do so. Could it be more attractive?

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OGInsta+ apk

The frontend bears a stark similarity to the official Instagram app apart from the little difference in name.  Other than the change in the name, the features like profiles, photo feed, search tools, usage of options, etc. remain exactly the same only with a little added bonus!



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Features OGInsta+

  •     The download feature

        Auto starts videos with good sound quality

        Direct share URL

The feature for which OGInstagram is named is downloading feature.  All due to the downloading feature that made this app stand out in front of the original app offering the exact same features as the original app does.

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How does the downloading feature of OGInsta+ work

In the official Instagram app when you press the share button you will get to see options to share that particular image or video, but in OGInsta+ you can also find an option named download. You can access that button to download the pictures and videos from the Instagram feed without any difficulty. Gone are the days of Instagram screenshots!  The image or video will be directly downloaded to your device’s storage memory.  Even though this is not an official one as Instagram does, it offers more attractive features compared to the original app. You can download the OGInsta+ V 6.17.1 apk file and then install it on your Android smartphone to start downloading the images and videos of your friends on Instagram. It is the Download feature that makes this app so great. So what are you waiting for? Go Download!

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You can download the OGInsta+ apk 6.17.1 and install it into your android device and start downloading the images and videos of your friends on Instagram.

OGInsta+ apk

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