Pou Mod APK Download Unlimited Money

POU MOD APK Download

The Google Play Store has many apps, especially game apps are particularly abundant. There all types of gaming apps that are present on the Google Play Store. It has action games, strategy games, epic war games, puzzles and a lot of other stuff. There are games for adults and there are games for kids and teenagers. Pou is one such game but it has been questioned on several different levels because of the appearance of the character in the game. The character is cute and is supposed to be an alien but what it looks like resembles a big pile of shit. Instead, we could also refer to it as a poo monster and WhatsApp seems to have taken inspiration from this game to make their Poop smiley. The concept of the game is really cute for people who like pets and especially virtual ones. This one is actually not a game at all, it can only be called so in parts. Most of the game revolves around taking care of this cute alien pet, which involves feeding it, cleaning it, playing with it and watching it grow up. It surprisingly levels up as it grows and it seems to be the point of the whole game.

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See Pou Mod apk grow

Soon to open the game , his first mission will feed your Pou mod. For this, all you need to do is choose an item and drag it to the mouth of the animal. The same works for other actions, that is , if I have to bathe in it , just drag the soap on the character until it is clean.

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pou apk download

Above We gave you a full description of the Pou Mod apks and its features, now we know what it

What users can do in Pou?

  • As earlier mentioned the game revolves around taking care of the alien in every way so that it can grow. It has to be fed, cleaned, and also played with.
  • There is a separate game room where’s the user who is playing the game with Pou get the opportunity to win coins.
  • Up till now the whole point of the game seems to be too trivial for grown-ups but suddenly you find yourself in a lab where you can experiment with potions.
  • The appearance of Pou can also be altered and customized which certainly turns this game into a girl-centric one because, in my opinion, no boy would like to dress up his pet. The dressing up can be done by trying out new clothes, hats and caps, and spectacles all of which have to be won by leveling up.

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  • In the game, the user gets a house where Pou lives and the wallpapers of each room can also be customized and changed.
  • As the user and Pou progress in the game there are many achievements that are unlocked and as rewards, special items can also be gathered.
  • The character can also talk and listen and, therefore, the user can interact with it.
  • The game is available in many languages that include English, French, Japanese, Persian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and others.
  • There are also little mini games inside the Pou apps itself that can be played by the user to have some fun. The games are generally other Android games with the only difference being that Pou is the one who replaces the character in the original game.


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This app is very easy to get on Android because it is available on both the Google Play Store and the app’s official website. So, as a user, you can just visit any of these places and download the APK and install it. As soon as you do, you are ready to take care of your virtual pet. Be sure to download the right file because there are several other apps that are similar to this one so download and install the one where the developer name is Zakeh.


Pou Mod APK Download Unlimited Money
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