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With the advancement of phones, a recurring need to transfer files from one phone to another was on the rise because people wanted to share. It all started with the infrared or IR that was introduced in many phones. Infrared involved the transfer of files by blasting infrared waves from one handset to another. The infrared would generally be a small black spot which had to be touched upon by the infrared port of another phone in order for the transfer to take place. There were no other devices which could support file transfer and, therefore, infrared was the king at the very beginning.

shareit apk

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However, infrared file transfer was painfully slow and in search of a faster medium, phone manufacturers started using Bluetooth. Bluetooth was a viable replacement because it did not involve the touching of phones and it could still transfer files from a defined distance and at a greater speed. Gradually with time, however, file sizes started increasing for every application from music to games and Bluetooth also found it difficult to transfer these large files quickly. The Bluetooth era effectively ended when SHAREit came into being.

Description of Shareit apk

  • SHAREit is a file transfer application that was actually developed by Lenovo for its smartphones. The efficient functionality of SHAREit, however, made it very popular and people from all smartphone brands and operating systems started using it. It has now been made available for Android, iOS, Windows, and the Windows Phone.
  • This app is so popular because it can transfer files via a temporary WiFi connection and irrespective of the file type, it can send or receive everything at speeds that Bluetooth can never achieve. It is faster than any other file sharing service including NFC.
  • The app can transfer everything including photos, videos, contacts, apps, music, and any type of files. It was first launched in June 2012 name Anyshare but with the widespread popularity that it achieved in a very short span of time the name was altered.
  • The app is available in 39 languages including English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and many others.
  • Earlier file transfer methods that can be considered as fast like Bluetooth and via a USB cable were prone to some side effects but SHAREit has no such problems. It is completely secure and the chances of getting infected with harmful elements are much less while transferring with SHAREit. The file transfer via a direct WiFi connection makes it the speediest and the safest method to transfer files for now.
  • The app also has the amazing ability to support cross-platform transfers without having to install any supporting software. What I mean to say is that you can transfer a file from an Android phone to an iOS using the app or you can choose to send files from your Windows PC to your Android via the app, without any problem whatsoever.
  • One of the biggest solutions that this app has brought with it is connecting a phone to a computer system without a USB cable. Earlier we had to connect the phone to a computer’s CPU via a USB cable and then transfer files between them but if SHAREit is installed on both the devices, it is no more necessary.
  • With SHAREit’s sister application called CLONEit, users can easily replicate the data and information on one phone to another at an unbelievable speed. This process is generally used when a user changes handsets.
  • Other sister applications of SHAREit include the SYNCit app which helps users in backing up the vital details and data of a phone. Then there is SECUREit, which is primarily an antivirus from Lenovo which scans the phone all the time for malicious programs. There are two camera functions also called SNAPit and SEEit which have a range of functions related to a phone camera but these two are paid apps.


How Share it works

Every android application which was installed will have an apk file. So whenever we are trying to transfer a particular data the apk of that particular data which was installed on the android device will be transferred to the other android device.

shareit apk downloadBy using share it we can not only transfer small amount data but we can also transfer huge data within seconds. The data transfer using share it is 40 times faster than sharing of data using Bluetooth. The old version of share it not used to support bidirectional data transfer but whereas the latest version of share it supports bidirectional data transfer.

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By using share it we can not only connect with friends and share data but we can also get connected to computer. By using shareit apk we can replicate our phone onto our pc in just one click. Share it is best useful when we take backup. In order to change from an old mobile to new mobile by using share it we can easily transfer all the data from the old one to the new one.

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Shareit version

The latest version of Share it is v 2.8.8.ww

The main feature of this version is bug fixes. The problems what we have in the previous versions were rectified in this.

How to get SHAREit on your Android phones?

If you already do not have this app, ask some friends using it or better still read the lines above carefully, and you will know what you have been missing. Therefore, stop whatever you are doing right now and follow the steps and listed below to get the most amazing file transfer application on your device.


  • In order to get SHAREit, you can just visit the Google Play Store from your Android device or you can also get the apk file from the official website of SHAREit.
  • After downloading the APK, you can just go ahead and install it like you do for all other Android apps.
  • After getting installed you can start transferring anything you want at blazing fast speeds.

Shareit apk Download

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