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Movie streaming has become the primary source of entertainment nowadays because people prefer to sit on their couches and stream movies and live television and whatnot from the comforts of their home rather than going to movie halls or some other place. It is convenient to a large extent because one does not have to wait in line for tickets or have to sit beside people who continuously take phone calls or make loud observations. This huge change in movie watching trends resulted in a lot of movie and TV streaming services cropping up for people to choose and select from. The services were also differentiated into two categories one of which is the paid premium category and the other is the free category. Premium movie streaming services like Netflix require an amount of money in order for a user to access content and these are also completely legal because Netflix has tie-ups and associations with production houses. On the other hand, services like Showbox rival Netflix on the basis of content but they come completely free and are, therefore, borderline illegal because they generally display copyright content without appropriate permission or certification from the owner.

showbox apk


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Showbox Download Apk Features:

  • Before we move on to the part where I explain the process of how to get this app to run on your Android device, let us take a brief look at the app first. And it seems unfair and fails the purpose of when I stated that this is the Netflix of the free online video streaming apps. There are many features to talk about.
  • The first thing that comes to the mind is the content collection. Showbox can boast about their content database as it holds the old films that you grew up with to the latest ones. All that you might want to watch are likely to be found here. And it is the same with the TV shows. Those popular and trending TV shows that you just can not wait for are there. And often times they are uploaded to the gallery sooner than even the paid services. Could it get any better? Yes, it can, and it did. Showbox also offers the contents in HD and for no charges at all. Beat that Netflix!
  • Gallery optimization and user interface are also equally important when you are looking for an online movie streaming app. Isn’t it? Because often what happens is that an app has a lot of to offer, but it can not be accessed because of the complicated and haywire interface and gallery. The creators of this app really took it to their heart to provide the best experience to their customers and made the interface really easy to use. And the gallery is so well organized that even if you do not use the search box, you can find the video you are looking for in minutes.
  • To talk about the gallery, the contents are cataloged by their type and then by their genres. There is also a separate tab for the recent additions to the gallery. You can also create your own list if you wish to. And the UI is so great; you never have to think about the access points. It is all right there in front of your eyes in big bold letters.
  • The video player has good features in itself. You can choose the quality of the video that you want to watch. You can also save the videos for watching them later when offline. There are many other features that are waiting to be discovered.
  • Last but not the least comes the device compatibility. You will be glad to know that Showbox is supported on Android platforms and iOS platforms. And from that app on your smart phone, you can stream the videos on your TV. In order to do that, you need to have a cast application and a smart TV.

Netflix versus Showbox:

  • Both Netflix and Showbox have huge libraries and actually if you combine both of them, then it can be as big as the libraries of 3 or 4 other movie streaming services combined together. Both of them not only feature movies and TV shows but also documentaries, cartoons, and animated films. However, if data bandwidth usage is considered, then Netflix is clearly the winner because it is one of the few companies in the world that consumes more than 50% of the total Internet bandwidth of a whole country.
  • If the user interface is concerned, then Netflix would have been a clear winner but the new Showbox 2016 APK has modified a lot of features which has essentially brought it at par with the interface of Netflix. Both of these movie streaming services now have similarly interactive user interfaces which are very useful to every user from all age ranges. Showbox previously had been accused of crashing quite frequently but the Showbox 2016 latest version APK has been modified in such a way that it has become very stable.
  • One con that Netflix suffers from is that if you do not have a good and strong Internet connection then it is very difficult to watch content because it just refuses to work without a speedy connection. Showbox, on the other hand, does not portray any such problem and it adjusts the resolution of the video in such a way that the video does not suffer from the poor Internet connection. The video will be a bit grainy but you will get to watch it smoothly nevertheless.
  • The advertisements that pop up while watching content is very irritating on every service, irrespective of whether it is Netflix or Showbox, but the problem here is that you have the option to remove these ads completely on Netflix by upgrading to the premium version but in Showbox there is no search option because the service is completely free.
  • Another point that I want to make regarding this tussle has already been highlighted a bit but I want to reinforce the fact that Netflix is completely legal whether you are paying for it or you are just using the free trial version whereas Showbox is borderline illegal because it does not take any permission or no objection certification from production houses before displaying the content on the Showbox APK.
  • The last point in this debate is how easy it is for users to download, install and use these applications. Netflix is very easy to download and install because it is available on all official app store but before launching it for the first time you have to provide your email and other kid and she’ll properly before you can actually start using the app. Showbox, on the other hand, is a bit difficult to download and install because it is unavailable in all official app stores but once you have installed it on your device, there is nothing stopping you from watching the content because there are no registration hassles.

How To Download Showbox apk:

Now that we have been through the important aspects of the showbox app, let us see how to run it on Android devices. The app is not available on the Google Play Store. But there is no reason to fret because there are many websites that provide the Showbox apk. And you can install the app using the Showbox apk within a matter of seconds. Read the instructions for a walkthrough to the entire process.

The first thing we need to do is prep your phone. Open the Settings tab on your Android device. Then open the Security>Device Administrator>Unknown Sources. Now check that option so that the little switch turns green.

Now we need to download the apk file. You can just Google Showbox apk and get links to the apk file. Download that apk file.

Install Showbox APK app on Android

showbox apk for android

Installing the app using Showbox apk:

  • Locate and tap on the Showbox apk file.
  • If prompted by the OS, pick Package Installer.
  • A prompt window will appear with the access permissions.
  • Scroll down and tap n the Accept button.
  • Wait till you get the notification that the app is properly installed.
  • Now go to the home screen of your device.
  • Open the menu and locate the Showbox app.
  • Tap to launch and stream all the videos that you want to and watch them anywhere.

Showbox apk download

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