Spotify Music apk Download Latest Version

Spotify Music apk

Spotify Music APK – Spotify is an online music service that is one of the most famous in the world. Music has changed with generation and listening to it has undergone a drastic change. Online music streaming is what people do nowadays thus excluding the need to buy CDs and music playing devices. Spotify is one of the foremost services in the world that offers music streaming. It is available in America, Europe, and some select countries of Asia which has limited its potential for growth but it is still quite popular in the world. This service provides digital rights management or DRM protection and, therefore, it has a lot of contracts and business partnerships with record labels and major music producing companies. Spotify is available for iOS, Android and on a desktop via a browser. It also has a free version and a paid Premium version.

Spotify Music apk Download

Spotify APK features:

  • Spotify provides users with all the basic necessities that are also provided by other music streaming services. It has some features, though, that distinguish it from the rest of the pack. These include the massive library that Spotify provides, the variety in content, and some of the most beautiful playlists ever created. The premium package of this particular music streaming app is also a great one and the price at which it comes is absolutely stunning.
  • The Spotify emblem or the icon on the app is itself an indicator of how attractive Spotify is. It is, therefore, not a surprise that the interface of Spotify is fantastic. It has a dark colored interface which has a lot of panels and it is positively a breeze to work on the app.

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  • Another great feature about this app is the fact that it has some mind blowing playlists that are curated by music experts of Spotify. So, if you are not in the mood to select your own music you can blindly trust these playlists to satiate your hunger. A more absorbing feature of the playlist is that it features subcategories which is very rarely found. For example, there might be a groove category which you can click for some music but then you will find that Spotify will ask you to point towards the particular type of groove that you want to listen for example Disco Fever or Funk Rock.
  • There is a new feature called extreme on Spotify that enables users to listen to a song in the extreme mode. This mode enables the user to listen to any music at 320 kbps. The music will obviously sound fantastic but try and play music in this mode only when you are connected to a wifi or you have an unlimited mobile data pack.

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Spotify Music apk

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  • Spotify is also slowly moving from focusing on music to focusing on content. Do not worry as that does not mean that the app will stop hosting music. The radio has been given more importance which is evident by a number of shows from the popular radio stations that are included in the app like BBC World Radio, CBS Radio, and others. Like video streaming websites, Spotify is also toying with the concept of introducing videos and video clips which users can see within the app.

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  • The Spotify Running is also a new feature that has been added in this app. This is one thing that many users have wanted since a long time ago and especially the gym freaks. What this feature does is instruct the user to start running and the app automatically gets information about the rhythm and speed at which the user is running. The app takes this information, processes it and then it starts playing a music that is suitable for the rhythm. Many people have often found changing tracks during a workout is a very exhaustive and frustrating activity and Spotify seems to have solved that problem.

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In the program settings you can adjust a number of user preferences. Among them, you can define the behavior of notifications, adjust the transition between tracks (including the option to “play endlessly”), use the function to connect with other devices and use integration with, among others options. The program is very light and you will not face slowdowns to load the songs or when you switch to the next track.

Spotify Music APK

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