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Spotify Music apk

Spotify Music apk is the eponymous service application, for you listen to music from the internet, but right on your smartphone.So, you can take your favorite songs anywhere and, likewise, will not be a bad time to discover new sounds, according to their gender and their favorite authors. To use the application you must create an account on the Service, and you can do it directly on your home screen. As an alternative to accomplish the task, you can also use your Facebook login to achieve access. The free version of the application has some function limitations with respect to the full, which is paid. Spotify Music apk

Spotify Music apk DownloadTo release the sound Spotify Music apk

The program has a sleek interface model and divided into sectors to facilitate in locating any of the options available. Initially, it comes open in the “Browse” function, which displays the most popular songs, most played lists and releases. In this category, there is the “Discover” function, for you to meet new sounds based on what usually hear. Spotify Music apk

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Spotify Music apk So initially this function has no recommendations, it is necessary to use some application to the Spotify Music can better identify their personal tastes. Through this menu on the left side of the screen, you can also use the search engine to find a song or a band by means of keywords.

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There, you will find also the online radio feature, and it is possible to view recommendations based on your personal taste and also open stations by genre. Regardless of the sector from which you select a song, the player features a screen that fills the entire display and commands for you to control the execution of the track, as well as options in the context menu for each song.

Spotify Music apk is the version for your mobile device of the same name service whose function is to provide music from the internet. The program includes an extensive library of songs and, at least during our tests, there was not any problem to find Brazilian and international authors.

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The service interface is bold, with a very nice and with a good color contrast between the background and the alternatives visual, facilitating their use. Functions are arranged in a menu that is hidden on the side, avoiding the unnecessary use of space. In it, all options are separated into sections, making it simple to find any of the features available.

To discover new sounds Spotify Music

The program brings a very useful screen for navigation between songs, with the possibility that you view the results by popularity, by genre or by those who are on the charts. In addition, there is also the “Discover” which is ideal for you to meet new sounds based on what you usually hear through the application.

Although this function is no content at first, just a few uses for you to pass to receive suggestions. In addition, there are also online radio, and you can add stations of your favorite genre or look for options among the available categories. In addition, you can interact with the songs heard, and you can add them to your library, for example.

When you listen to a track in the player, in addition to playback controls, you also find a few options available. You can, for example, add a song to a playlist, put in play queue, save, go to the album or the artist, start the radio in which it is contained and share with your friends. In other words, it has a number of options available to a touch, making the realization of any of them and agile.

Social interactions

For those who enjoy social interactions, the program allows you to follow your friends and view the activities in the program through them. This function is open through the sector “Activity” and it is interesting for you to get ideas of different authors or new songs to add to your playlist.

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In addition, the program brings you the option to link your account to your Facebook, allowing interact with your social network and publish what you hear in your Timeline, among other functions.

Great quality

The player itself has a very elegant interface, displaying the art of the album cover for music and the basic information of the song. The commands are placed in the bottom of the screen and, at least during our tests, all functions were operating as expected – without any problems.

Regarding the audio, all tracks were played back with high quality, with no interference, noise or any other type of interruption during playback. However, if you are using the free version from time to time some ads will be placed among the songs played through the application.

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In the program settings you can adjust a number of user preferences. Among them, you can define the behavior of notifications, adjust the transition between tracks (including the option to “play endlessly”), use the function to connect with other devices and use integration with, among others options. The program is very light and you will not face slowdowns to load the songs or when you switch to the next track.

Spotify Music APK

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