SuperSU APK Download. Complete Management tool for Android

SuperSU APK. A Complete Android Rooting Tool

Today we are going to talk about rooting a phone, the benefits it brings to the table, and also the side effects that it has. Rooting, in general, refers to stripping the stock Android software that is preloaded on the phones. Now this software, most of which has been taken up by the Android Operating System, controls the functions of a phone on its own and provides users with the basic levels of control.

supersu apk downloadRooting a phone gives users complete control over what is to be done with the phone. Its looks, the software it contains, memory management, and how it will work are some of the things that users can control by rooting their phones. Now there are quite a few number of rooting apps and users might get confused about which one to choose. Here I can help you by suggesting that SuperSU is one of the best Android rooting tools that are available right now. It provides a lot of user control and can also be installed as well as uninstalled easily. So let us first look at the features that SuperSU offers before we get down to how to use it.

With this program, it opens up a range of options that can be executed with administrator permissions on Android. Also, you can access the command prompt, view logs of actions, adjust notifications, disable the root temporarily and more.

Through an intuitive interface, the SuperSU provides basic tools for all advanced users of Android. Basically, the program is divided into three categories: applications, logs and settings.

SuperSU features:

  • SuperSU is a great piece of software that allows users to get access rights for all apps. There are two versions one of which is free while the other is a paid SuperSU Pro version. This app provides access prompt, logging, and notifications.
  • It also provides temporary unrooting solutions and even works when Android is not properly booted. It works really well in the recovery mode and going by its new update the deep process detection is also a wonderful new feature that has been added and updated.
  • Apart from the power of temporary rooting, SuperSU you can also provide solutions for complete unrooting of an Android phone. It also runs in ghost mode most of the time and wakes up when prompted, thus lessening the impact on the phone’s memory. There are also many themes and icon packages that this app comes with.
  • In the pro version of SuperSU, some added functionalities are provided to make it worth the money. It has password protection for every app, it can provide and prevent auto rooting of an app for a predetermined time and also it can override any app.

How is SuperSU beneficial?

  • This app and rooting, in general, has one big advantage, which is that it attributes full control of the Android to the user. The stock Android software that is found on the phone does not let the user perform customizations at the most intermediate and complex levels. As soon as you root a phone, it is completely up to you to decide what to do with it. You can install any operating system that you want and make any number of changes to the appearance of the phone inside.
  • When a user performs a normal backup of a phone to restore related, there are many elements and processes that are actually not backed up and the user has to reinstall and re-enable them. This problem can be avoided by rooting the phone. Rooting and then backing up a device is completely different than the normal backup because the former literally backs everything up so that if a user restores it at some point, the system will return to the exact state it was at the time of backup without the user having to do anything.
  • One of the biggest irritations of a phone with the stock Android operating system is the amount of bloatware that it contains. The bloatware refers to the free software that is made available by the manufacturer of the phone but is necessarily not of any use to the user. In that case, the user might want to delete them to save up on phone memory but it is an impossible task that can only be achieved when the phone is rooted. SuperSU performs this task very ably.
  • Another very important point is that rooting can help users install custom ROMs, a feature which is not available for normal phones. Over time, tweaking the ROM has increased due to the increased amount of information that app developers have disseminated all over the world through the Internet. The custom ROM makes your phone fly off the handle with its performance and you will truly be left spellbound by the things a phone can achieve if it is rooted.

How can SuperSU not be very beneficial?

  • Not everything is rosy once you root your phone using SuperSU or any such app. There are some side effects that might affect your phone so you must consider them before going ahead with the plan to root your Android device. First things first, the biggest threat that rooting a phone can provide is that it can void your phone’s warranty if you are doing it within your warranty period. Most mobile manufacturers look down upon rooting and modification and, therefore, they nullify the warranty if they understand that a phone has been rooted. There is nothing much to worry, though, because if you unroot your phone before you take it down to the service center, the repair guys won’t be able to understand whether it has been rooted or not, most of the time.
  • The security is a big compromise that the user makes after rooting because there are some protocols that keep apps from developing their own mind and go on and snoop on other apps. These protocols vanish with rooting, but it is not much of a worry because there are some apps that can control this.
  • Bricking is an unusual error that sometimes occurs while rooting a device. In this case, you are well and truly done for because unrooting the phone is not an option if the device is bricked and the service center guys will also deny you warranty. So be very careful and gather a lot of information before you go ahead and root your device.

How to get SuperSU on your Android device?

SuperSU is an app that is available on the Google Play Store, and, therefore you do not have to worry much about where to download it from. Just launch the Play Store and download and install SuperSU from there and you are ready to do wonderful things to your phone that you could never have imagined earlier. Go and get it now.

 Download the Super Apk

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