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Tasker apk

Tasker APK is an android application that is mainly designed to perform automated actions on behalf of a man.  In simple words, with no manpower or involvement of the user this application will do all the works from SMS to Settings once it is installed and automated.

The possibilities in the world of Android are infinite. And the constant race to be able to reach for greater heights leads to apps that can make your android experience better and help the android system do more for the user. This is where Tasker comes in. Developed by Crafty Apps EU, Tasker is an app that can perform various functions on your device on its own, with present time, date, or other such notices. At first the Tasker app may seem like a very basic app which doesn’t really do any great service to your day to day life, but once you realize the potential Tasker holds you’ll be truly able to take advantage of this app. And that’s exactly why we’re here, we’re going to do a complete breakdown of the Tasker app and tell you all about its features and how to get it on your device. Read on!


How Tasker APK works?

With the launch of Tasker, tech wizards have been able to great feats with the help of this app which even ranges up to a game totally built on Tasker. However, Tasker can be of amazing help to the daily working man as well. But first we must get to know Tasker so I’ll be explaining how it works as in the simplest way possible. So at first shot when you fire up the Tasker menu, you might be totally overwhelmed by the sheer number of options, but the buildup frame is actually pretty simple. Tasker creates a list of tasks, which have undersigned actions which are completed based on any certain context that is provided by the user such as time, date, place, wifi connection or not etc. Now the number of tasks you can build are limitless so you can basically set your device’s whole configuration to your different environments, such as home, work, or gym, and as soon as Tasker senses the presence of those environments it will set your device to your preset configuration for the said environment.

Tasker apk

What Tasker APK can do?

What Tasker does in takes complete control of all the application and settings options of your phone and regulates them as per the commands you set it to follow. In this regard the purpose of Tasker can be limitless. You can set up Task presets in Tasker for every location you visit or for specific time zones and you’ll never have to touch your device again to change any settings. For example you can set tasks in Tasker for certain driving time periods, for office, for the drive back, for home in the evening, and night mode. Each of these tasks can have endless actions embedded within it to be triggered by a certain trigger set by you. For example you can set your usual driving time to Tasker and for that time period you can set it to fire up your music player, set your device on vibration, turn off wi-fi and turn on mobile data, and go into battery saver mode. So you basically walk into your car and drive away and your device does everything by itself. That’s how amazing Tasker is!


  • This APK can take any number of tasks at a time.  It is a multitakser and can handle any number of tasks at a time.  For example, setting alarm, music player, sending SMS, silent and vibration modes, start the day with a particular application, camera settings, pause music playback, perform a regular backup etc.
  • Orders in time, space, and modes.
  • This APK selects the commands based on device features like battery or special programs.
  • Ability to backup configuration.

People have been using Tasker for various purposes and this has also ended in a wide variety of fun Tasker based home command centers where all devices of the user are connected through Tasker. But as we mentioned before Tasker, if used rightly can be a huge boon to an everyday person, and can also save a lot of time and effort. After all, what is the purpose of machines if not to make our living at optimum ease?


Latest version

The latest version in Tasker APK is 4.7u3.  There are many enhancements done to his APK compared to the previous versions.

  1. Android app backup support
  2. Dynamic configuration
  3. Improved local backup or restore
  4. Individual context activation states shown in user interface
  5. Task testing; problems shown in-line
  6. Accelerator support for lower power and more responsive location detection

How to download:

Ever since its launch, Tasker has been widely used by people from all walks of life. As of now, Tasker is only available for Android users and it comes at the cost of 199.99 INR at the Google Play Store. Now you might be thinking that you don’t really need this kind of a paid app, but you won’t ever regret buying Tasker! Follow the simple steps below to get it.

Tasker apk Download

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