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Tasker apk

Tasker APK is an android application that is mainly designed to perform automated actions on behalf of a man.  In simple words, with no man power or involvement of the user this application will do all the works from SMS to Settings once it is installed and automated.   You can automate any task or action on your device from photos, SMS, speech, apps, settings etc.  The use of Tasker APK is almost half of your work done and also time saving as it is doing your tasks automatically.


How Tasker APK works?

This is an android app that performs tasks we assign to it based on contexts such as application, time, date, location, event, gesture etc.  It will complete it in user-defined profiles or in timer’s format on the home screen widgets.

Tasker apk

What Tasker APK can do?

You can change the phone settings by performing the following steps.

Application: long screen timeout in a book reader.

Time: screen brightness lower in the evening.

Location: ringer volume high at the office, turn off key guard at home.

The above are the tasks you assigned to the Tasker APK.  This APK will help you with those tasks and implement them in-time without fail.  All you need to do to make this possible is just assign it and automate the actions with Tasker APK.

Along with the above tasks there are lots and lots of tasks that Tasker APK can perform on your behalf.


  • This APK can take any number of tasks at a time.  It is a multitakser and can handle any number of tasks at a time.  For example, setting alarm, music player, sending SMS, silent and vibration modes, start the day with a particular application, camera settings, pause music playback, perform a regular backup etc.
  • Orders in time, space, and modes.
  • This APK selects the commands based on device features like battery or special programs.
  • Ability to backup configuration.
Latest version

The latest version in Tasker APK is 4.7u3.  There are many enhancements done to his APK compared to the previous versions.

  1. Android app backup support
  2. Dynamic configuration
  3. Improved local backup or restore
  4. Individual context activation states shown in user interface
  5. Task testing; problems shown in-line
  6. Accelerator support for lower power and more responsive location detection

Along with those there are many other bug fixes were done and the latest version was released into the market.  If you want to work smart then you can download the Tasker APK into your device and assign automated tasks to the APK.

Tasker apk Download

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