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Tiny Tunes APK Download

Tiny Tunes apk is an app for free music streaming or downloading for your Android smartphones. Using the tiny tunes app, the users can stream or download the hundreds to thousands of songs or music that are hosted on seven various servers directly from your Android device itself. But the thing that is required is just the internet connection, i.e., either a 3G or the WiFi.

Entertainment! This one word has so many directions, and different types included within it. And the smartphones of our age has tried to be involved in all of these types as far as possible. However, when it comes to entertainment on mobile devices, especially in the form of applications, music lags behind a little. People are crazy about mobile games of all sorts, and there is a growing popularity of the online movie and TV streaming devices. However, that one form of entertainment which we use the most and has more effect on our lives is somewhat neglected. There are not a lot of apps that we know of that are dedicated to downloading music. People like you and I are looking for a good music downloading app, but there are not a lot of suggestions. So here is an overview of Tiny Tunes, a music downloading app. You will also get a detailed tutorial on how to download this application on Android mobiles.


Tiny Tunes: The hidden gem in the world of music downloading apps

Tiny Tune is an app that serves as a search engine and a platform for downloading music files. The app is easily available for downloads and hardly takes up much of storage space. The user interface is amazingly swift. It is quite a discovery to come across such an amazing app in the scene of music downloading app.

Tiny Tunes is one of those hidden gems of this world. It is quite alarming to see the rate with which the search and craze for music download apps are going down. Despite all of these obstacles, Tiny Tunes has found a place for itself.

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What Does Tiny Tunes Do?

As I have said this app we are talking about is a music downloading app, While the term is itself quite self-explanatory, there is little need for me to elaborate on this. This app works as a platform that runs fetches the files from different servers for the user to download. And in addition to this, there are options of online streaming as well. You can save any song that you like with a single tap while streaming online.

All you need to do is to launch the app and search for the song you are looking for using the search box provided on the home page of this application. Once you make the search, all the files with the same and similar keywords will appear. You get to get a small preview before you decide to download the song for good.

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Tiny Tunes is such an excellent app for listening to music whenever you wish too. With this app, the users will be able to access thousands of songs and listen to them online or download them and listen to them offline as required. Apart from all this, this app is very lightweight, which takes not more than 2 MB of memory. There are lots of amazing features for which the users would love to have this app on their device, and they are listed below.


Features of the Tiny Tunes App

  • Now you can search various sources concurrently for MP3s
  • They can also search for top songs/artists /albums in different genres
  • You can configure which search engines can be used
  • You can directly Stream songs
  • Create playlists
  • You can download all songs that are available
  • Manage or customize your Android device music library
  • You can start searching directly from SoundHound or Shazam
  • Queue as well as listen to your music

Changes in the Latest Version Tiny Tunes apk

  • Fixed few install issues
  • Fixed streaming issues from few sources
  • Fixed ALL search engines
  • Upgraded dependencies and that it requires API level 16 (Android 4.1 or higher)
  • Bug fixes

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Installing Tiny Tunes Apk on Android:

As I have mentioned near the beginning, the app is not yet available on the Google Play Store. But that is not enough reason to give up. There is a way of getting this app to run on your Android smartphone.

The process of installing that I am going to explain is called sideloading. In this process, you download the apk file of the application and install the app from there. The apk file of Tiny Tunes is available on plenty of mirror websites. You can get hold of the apk file from any of these sites.

However, only getting hold of the apk file is not enough for the installation. You need to make a minor change in the settings of your device. Open the Menu> Settings> Security> Device Administrator. Now look for the option marked as Unknown Sources. Enable this option to continue with the process.

Tiny Tunes APK Download

  • Now locate and tap on the apk file.
  • If prompted pick the Package Installer.
  • When prompted grant the access requests.
  • All you need to do now is to wait till the process is complete.
  • After the installation is over, you can launch the app at any time you want from the device menu.

While this app is an amazing solution for music lovers, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. The fact that you get to stream and download the music files does not mean that it is legal. However, Tiny Tunes itself does not store any of those files and hence is only a secondary factor here. It is advised that the users who download songs using this application delete the songs after they have heard them.

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