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Titanium Backup APK

The backup of devices has gained a lot of importance nowadays due to the increasing dependence on the Internet. The Internet, in turn, does not have much physically to deal with. Everything is software and has to be stored on devices or the cloud. Therefore, backing up everything is essential because software can run into crippling problems which can render them completely useless at a moment’s notice and thereby, a big loss can be incurred by a user. Backup apps and software, have thrived in this scenario. These things can be used to backup all important data, system data, WiFi passwords, notes, and any other thing that a user wants to save to a different place so that it is easily accessible if lost. Titanium Backup is one of the most famous and efficient apps in this business and due to the multitude of features that it offers, has earned a very credible name in this industry. The only possible hurdle that users might face while getting this app is that it requires a rooted Android device in order to be installed and working correctly. Without further ado, let us get an intimate knowledge of what this app can do for its users.

Titanium Backup APKTitanium Backup uses the root permissions to do a full backup of your Android. Even applications with restrictions for backups in their codes can be saved with this software. It can make multiple schedules for different information for each batch of data is stored at a different time. You can schedule for the Titanium Backup apk make copies of your programs during the dawn and your SMS once a week, for example.

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For advanced users, the Titanium Backup reserve the option to remove bloatware (little useful software installed by operators in the operating system) from your backup copies. Above you gave a full description of the Titanium Backup Root and functionality, now we know what we think of him

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Titanium Backup features:

  • Firstly, this app comes in two versions one of which is the Free version while the other is the Paid or Donate Do not worry about spending money though as the free version of this app is good enough to solve all your basic problems.
  • This app is a very powerful one because it can accomplish a lot of tasks in a very short time and more importantly, in one place. It can undertake 0-click batch restoration, can store multi-user app data and also restore it when needed, it can sync files to and from most online storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box among others.
  • Titanium Backup also comes with Dalvik support where it effectively acts as a cache cleaner and also integrates Dalvik cache system into a device’s ROM.
  • It also performs the most important function of backing up and restoring SMSes, MMSes, calls, contacts, and bookmarks. These information that a very private to some users also have a function where Titanium Backup can encrypt them so that they cannot be cracked even if they are hacked or stolen.
  • It makes the process of backing up and restoration, which was considered to be a very tedious process earlier, a breeze as it happens very fast and the user also has the ability to store all the backup in one zip file, which is also very convenient.
  • Getting this app means that users do not have to worry about the phones anymore as this app acts like a manager and controls everything automatically. It automatically performs app backups at scheduled intervals, protects the backup from being deleted, it also does not prevent an app from opening while backing up which is a very rare feature, and it also works as an auto update manager.
  • There is also an option called app freeze in the Pro version of the app which is paid but is something that is worth spending money for. This feature asks for root permission and if it is granted then users can delete bloatware and freeware from their phones easily.

Well, now you are aware of most of the things that Titanium Backup can do for you so now let me help you in understanding how to use it. First I’ll give you the step by step instructions to perform a mass backup.

How this Titanium Backup APK Works

Titanium Backup APK

  • The first step in this process it’s you download and install the app, the directions for which I have given below.
  • As soon as you open the app, you might be a little puzzled if you are not used to an advanced software. But you have me to help you out so don’t worry. What you have to do is click on the Menu in the app and you will find an option called Batch Actions under the tab called General.
  • You will encounter various ways you can backup your phone and also the options to choose what you want to backup. For example, if you are backing up system data then you can include bookmarks, calendar information, and WiFi information if you want to. The best option, however, is to backup all the apps plus the system data that is present on your phone.
  • Now you have to wait patiently till the mass backup is completed. Since there is a lot of information to replicate and store, it will take some time. You can also go ahead and create a Zip file of the backup and keep it on another device so that if your phone shuts down completely you can take that backup and restore your phone again. Cloud backup will not work if your phone is not functional.

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So you have backed up your data but what use does it have if you don’t know how to restore it. If you are an obvious user of all these services then you might be a bit baffled, so here are the steps that you can follow when you need to restore your system to a previous backup that was created earlier.


  • You again need to visit the Batch Actions option from the General tab that appears on the Menu
  • There you will find an option called “restore missing apps with data” which will restore the latest version of the backup of the app concerned. If you are going for a complete overhaul then you can also choose another option that is present called “restore missing apps+all system data.”
  • Similar to what happens on a computer system, your Android device will be restored to the previous working version with all the apps as well as system data intact.


How to download and install Titanium Backup?


Every versatile app that combines many different functions in one place and is also very efficient at the same time, has become popular in the world because these are two traits that all users look out for. So go on and get it as it is really easy. You just have to visit the Google Play Store and download and install the app from there after reading through and granting the necessary Permissions. Link-

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Titanium Backup APK Download

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