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Towelroot apk

Perhaps the most known common method of rooting an android mobile is, TowelRoot apk using a PC or a computer with a specific program for each device model. Google’s Android is the most popular operating system for phones now. Android is an operating system that is extremely user-friendly and with its regular updates keeps on improving which has enabled it to maintain the pole position for operating systems. However, due to income and revenue means, Google ties up with many companies and offers some software by default which many people don’t appreciate. These apps are called bloatware because they are installed as system apps and even though users do not use them, they cannot be uninstalled, which is the major irritant if the phone memory is already low. To solve this problem, rooting apps have come into being, one of the most popular of which is TowelRoot. Rooting a device not only helps overcome this problem but also it enhances the phone’s performance and provides users complete control over their phones. A list of the benefits of rooting a given below for more information but before that we will check for TowelRoot offers to its users.

TowelRoot apk

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TowelRoot features:

  • This app has been developed by a very well known hacker called Geohot and unlike most rooting apps, this one is compatible with most Android devices from the Galaxy S5 to the recently launched Sony Xperia XA. This makes it one of the best rooting apps available right now.
  • It supports all devices that have Android version 4.4 and above.
  • The great thing about this app is that it is really small in size but that does not hamper it from working very efficiently. It can still root your phone in one click and without the support of a PC.
  • The user interface of this app is very simple and easy to use which makes rooting a device via this app a breeze. Even new users who can make a hash out of rooting a device using other apps, can do it via TowelRoot quite comfortably.

How to download, install, and use TowelRoot?


  • Since all rooting software violate Google’s code of ethics, they do not find a place on the Google Play Store. You, therefore, have to download TowelRoot from the Internet directly. Try and choose a reliable site to download the APK file because other websites might provide you on stable version or ones that are filled with viruses and malicious programs.

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  • As soon as you finish the download, go to Settings on your phone and click on Security. Enable the Unknown Sources option that appears on the menu.
  • Now you can install the app without any problem and like you do for all other apps.
  • As mentioned earlier, TowelRoot is very easy to use and you can root your device by only one click. There will be an option called “make it rain” as soon as you launch the app. Click on it and your device will be automatically rooted.

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What are the benefits of rooting with Towelroot Apk Download?

Well if you are new to this thing, then let me tell you that rooting may sound unethical but it actually helps you in controlling your phone to a large extent. Here are some of the benefits to help you make up your mind.

  • Firstly, rooting gives you complete control over the Android Operating System. You can delete bloatware, freeware, and all the applications that you don’t need but have come free with your phone. You can keep only the applications you want, thus saving a lot of internal phone storage.
  • Secondly, you can get a complete backup of your phone and also restored it at a later time. In unrooted phones, when we create a backup and try to restore them, some files are always missing thus making the process incomplete. In a rooted phone, there is no such problem.
  • You can run whatever applications that please you. We find that, in phones which are not rooted, exceptions are created when installing some app that Google does not approve of and are generally of the hacking and ‘mod’ing On a rooted phone, there is no problem as such with all these things.
  • You can also install customized ROMs on a rooted phone, which is something that is very difficult to do on a non-rooted device.

So these are only a few of the many benefits that a rooted phone can attribute. You can go ahead and root your Android device and the rest you will find out for yourself and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. A point to keep in mind, however, is a fact that if you root your phone while it is in the warranty period, then your warranty will become void.

towelroot apk Download

Towelroot apk Download Latest Version Updated Today
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