Download Whatsapp for iPhone 7, 6 and 6s

Whatsapp for iPhone 6s, 7 and 6s plus

WhatsApp is one of the biggest Internet messaging services that are available in the world right now, if not already. After WhatsApp bought off by Facebook, it became even more popular and is currently the default Internet messaging service that has gone to the extent of being included automatically on Android phones. For iPhone users, especially the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s plus, it is a different story altogether because firstly, iPhone users had to pay 69 paise to download and install WhatsApp on their phones thus making it a paid app and secondly, WhatsApp was not optimised for the bigger screens that are available on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus. It was very objectionable to all iPhone users because the iPhone falls in the premium category of smartphones and the overblown image of WhatsApp was a disconcerting sight for users who had to pay a lot of money for the phone and an amount to get the app installed on their devices.

whatsapp for iphone 6s and 6splus

WhatsApp update for the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6s plus:

In order to address the grievance, WhatsApp came about with a new update wasn’t sure that the blown up WhatsApp that appeared previously would not be making a comeback. It is the version 2.11.14 which rectified this problem and also focused on changing and modifying the app to become more stable and prevent crashes and bugs. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s plus users are, however, trapped with the blue tick dilemma and there is no way to resolve it just yet for iPhones. It will provide others full information as to when and if the message was delivered, whether the user has read it, and at what time was it read which incidentally, makes a mess of privacy.

Whatsapp features:

  • WhatsApp is an Internet messaging service which users can utilize not only to text other people but also send photos, videos, voice messages, and even files.
  • The app also incorporated the calling feature where users could call each other via WhatsApp for free. All that is needed is an Internet connection.
  • There is a Group Chat feature in WhatsApp why people can get together to form a group and everybody can talk to each other at the same time so that it is visible to everybody else present in the group.
  • The WhatsApp Web is also a new addition which people can use in order to get WhatsApp on their computer screens.
  • WhatsApp also protects users with the new encrypted feature that it offers, rendering the messages between users as unreadable by anyone. It also does not require any username or pin and only requires a phone number.
  • WhatsApp is also always logged in due to which users do not have to worry about whether messages will come or not. Messages are also backed up which means it is easy to change devices.

Download WhatsApp for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

Through an instinctive interface, WhatsApp permits users to talk with people and in groups, send interactive media files including pictures, sound, map area and contacts for nothing. In spite of the fact that the application has a few restrictions it has been gigantically venerated by users. Once the news of presentation of voice getting turned out, users began upgrading the application. In any case, WhatsApp hasn’t yet authoritatively pronounced anything about the component in their official page or Application portrayal in diverse application stores. On the other hand, there are a few clients including a couple of us who have officially enacted the component on their cell phones.

How to get WhatsApp on your iOS?

This is a process that everybody is aware of but still I will repeat. You just have to visit the iTunes store and download and install the app from there. Link-

Whatsapp for Iphone 6s and Iphone 6s Plus

Download Whatsapp for iPhone 7, 6 and 6s
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