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WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp is the most popular Internet messaging service in the world right now and there is no disputing it. It was gaining great reputation and popularity due to which Facebook went ahead and bought it but contrary to popular expectation it has flourished even more after the acquisition. Because of the simple fact that it is the most popular Internet messenger in the world, you will find that most people in the world with the smartphone have WhatsApp. This, in turn, made hacking and spying on other WhatsApp users a very popular activity, irrespective of whether it was done to spy on somebody or prank or even worse, some other malicious intent. Since you have also searched for applications that may help you inspire and hacking WhatsApp of other users, I will tell you at the very beginning that this app that I am going to talk about is the most popular WhatsApp spying app but the thing is, it has been proved to be nothing but a scam. So, let us see what WhatsApp Spy APK is all about.

whatsapp spy download

Features that were claimed to be working on WhatsApp Spy APK:

  • According to some users who actually downloaded and used this app, it was supposed to enable the user to view the activity of others on WhatsApp while staying invisible. This basically means that users had the ability to use WhatsApp like normal but the “last seen” feature would not be working for them.
  • This app also supposedly helps users to read the messages of others. It can also record live audio around the phone of the person who is being monitored.
  • A keylogger is also supposedly present so that the monitoring user can get info on what is being typed on any app, even the passwords.
  • Well if this app really delivers on the above 3 functions then it is child’s play for the WhatsApp Spy APK to deliver the location of the device and thus, the user.
  • It can also access the gallery of the monitored device, intercept calls that the device receives, get the call history, offer free access to the mail, the browser history, and even the contacts on the phone.

Well, after close research and using the app for some time it has been found that it is nothing but a scam and also is working as a phishing filter so beware of the app. However, if you are bold enough to try and use it follow the steps below:

  • This app, due to its questionable functions, breaks nearly all the rules of Google. So you can not just walk into the Google Play Store and install the app because it is not available there.
  • You have to get this app from the Internet but be very careful to at least get a reliable website to download it from because more often than not, small and unrecognized websites provide APK files of apps that are unstable or are modified to contain a malicious program.
  • As soon as you have downloaded the WhatsApp Spy APK file, you can now go ahead and install
  • Before that, you have to visit your phone Settings and click on Security. There you will find an option called Unknown Sources which you have to enable. This is because Android system programmed in such a way that they do not accept apps from outside the Google Play Store and start giving intermittent warnings. Once you enable that option, it stops because you manually override it.
  • After you have finished the download and installation, remember to disable the Unknown Sources option, because leaving it open/enabled will create a gap in the security of the phone which malicious apps and cybercriminals can exploit.

So now you have got the WhatsApp Spy APK downloaded and installed on your phone. Remember that you were warned but as you may have already done it try and utilize the functions that it offers.


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