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Xender apk

The Xender apk is a great app for sharing between different devices or transfers between the device and a computer, i.e., no need to charge USB cable when you want to move files between these two devices.

Let’s face it, ever since the dawn of the smartphones, we have been downloading through these devices endlessly and running out of disk space. The likely solution to this problem is of course either deleting the older downloaded material or shifting it to your PC. Now with the latter option being more compulsive, there were two primary tools to go about shifting files from your desktop to your PC, either through a USB cable and the devices port software installed on the PC, or through Bluetooth. However, both these methods are cumbersome, and slow. Well Xender isn’t!  Xender is a file sharing app. It establishes a internal wifi connection between devices and transfers most files regardless of size.

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This connection can be setup between a PC and a smartphone or tablet, or between multiple smartphones or tablets, allowing the user to share files with multiple people at this same time. Xender has quickly become the people’s favorite in the world of file sharing apps, and it also comes with cool features and an awesome interface. So read on to find out more about Xender and steps on how to download it!

Xender apk Download Android File Transfer App free.

From the house of Xender Team, comes this amazing answer to all our needs of sharing files amongst each other as well as amongst one’s own devices. Xender can set up a close proximity wifi network between devices and send files at an instant. The latest version even comes with a swiping feature, which allows you to send files in just a swipe across your device’s screen. Xender supports most forms of files such as apps, videos, mp3s, notes, contacts etc. and with a proper connection it can reach up to a level of 10mbps sharing speed.  The best part about this app is that it will not use your device’s data or the wifi connection you’re connected to! So basically the close proximity wifi connection it sets up is less like a wifi and more like a Bluetooth connection, except the fact that the connection is almost 200 times faster than a normal Bluetooth connection.

Xender apk

Xender allows the user to connect to multiple devices at the same time. It uses a ‘pool’ feature to create share groups so you can choose to share your files with one device or many devices at the same time. Due to this feature Xender has become quite popular in office circles as well. Xender can support most of the files you download or store in your device and even the largest file such as a whole movie can be transferred with Xender at complete ease. It has truly become the next step in the world of sharing!

Xender comes with a really easy to use interface. It separates your files as per types so searching for the files you want to send become easier and it allows you to share files in bulk. The latest version 3.2.0928 comes with a sleeker interface and the option to share your files just by shaking your device instead of swiping. So not only do you share your files, you also do it in style! The latest version is only 4.7 mb in size and is also available for windows and iOS devices, and this means now you can share files between any apple device and android device!

How to Download:

Xender has become increasingly popular in the world of smartphones and tablets and it is available absolutely for free. So here are steps to download and install Xender on your device!

Installing from Google Play Store:

Xender Apk Download

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