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Zapya apk

Zapya apk Who never needed to transfer files between your computer and the smartphone? Zapya is a peer to peer file transfer app designed for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. Remember all those times you wanted to transfer music from your laptop to your smartphone or clear up some old videos from your tablet but couldn’t ‘cause you can never find the USB cable and work through all the required software that connects your devices? Well those days are gone, because with Zapya you can move around items from one of your devices to another. The only requirement, they have to be connected to the same wi-fi network, and of course they all need to have the Zapya app installed. So read on to find out more about this cool new app that lets you connect all your devices with ease, and also find clear instructions on how to install and use Zapya!

zapya apk

 About the Zapiya Apk App:

The primary feature that puts Zapya above all the file transfer apps is that it can move large items with ease. It is known to reach a transfer speed of 5 megabytes per second when used with a stable internet connection. This app supports many different file formats including docs, videos, music, images, PDFs, compressed folders, presentations, and much more. It allows you to transfer as many files as you want without restrictions. So basically with the Zapya app installed you take yourself one step closer to a single pool of electronic devices that the futuristic generation of technology dreams to be.

Userfriendly Interface

Another very useful attribute of Zapya’s is its user interface design. The app has a very smart look with occasional pop-culture references, and a supremely easy to use interface. You just choose your device from the list of connected ones and move files from it to another. While usually shifting the larger files one requires either quite some amount of time or if one chooses to use the online transfer apps like Dropbox etc. it costs a huge amount of data. With Zapya these are never a concern.

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With Zapya apk Share in groups

Another useful tool that Zapya provides is the group sending option. It allows you to create groups of up to 5, with each having as many devices they want to be connected via Zapya, and all of them can share files with each other at ease through the same wi-fi network. This can be a very useful tool for office purposes where sharing of files is a constant necessity. The only drawback being the groups can’t contain more than five individuals. Zapya also comes with an inbuilt image viewer, Any music player that supports multiple formats, and it also integrates itself into your devices image and document viewers. So locating the file, you need to transfer becomes even easier.

Zapya apk Download

Zapya has become one of the most successful apps in the category of file transfer, and it is currently used by a whopping 450 million users! So basically with Zapya you never need to worry about transferring files from your devices to another, and this also means one can send Android apk’s to iOS devices now.

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Often we need to transfer files between different platforms. This is the case of passing music from your computer to listen on the phone and the PC to back up photos and videos to free up space on the internal memory of your smartphone. Zapya is an application that offers to share digital media via WiFi from any platform, eliminating the need for a cable.

High-speed transfer

As we said above, the utility does not use any cable to connect between different operating systems such as PC, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Mac – Linux is not included. The only requirement is to have the app installed and be on the same network connection. The Zapya own tracks people around you and notifies you to make the transfers.

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The file sharing speed depends on your router’s bandwidth. However, even with a bad connection, sending music, videos, and various other media is very fast, often better than Bluetooth.

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Zapya’s  Several other features

In addition to connecting with any platform, Zapya apk has some other interesting features. It is the example of the X-Clone feature that serves to transfer all your data to another smartphone. It is ideal for people who are changing cell phone and want to carry all content to your new device. The utility has a very good help system, a great alternative for users who are experiencing difficulties. The app is initially in English, but you can change the language for the Portuguese in the settings. Although there is support for our language, there are typing and grammar mistakes.

How to install:

Created be DewMobile Inc., Zapya has become increasingly popular in the world of smartphones and tablets, and it is available absolutely for free. So here are steps to download and install Zapya on your device. It takes up a total space of 7.6 MB on the device, so you do not need to worry about cleaning up your disk space before installing this app!

Installing from Google Play Store for Android 4.0 and up:


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Zapya apk Download

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