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aTube Catcher Download

Video streaming is the “in thing” now. Gone are the days of VCDs, DVDs, and other such physical devices through which we used to watch videos and movies. With the growth of the Internet, streaming videos directly instead of renting them has become one of the most popular practices. It all started with big video streaming websites posting videos of every kind from movies to trailers and from home videos to documentaries.

YouTube was the one which led the way and other sites also participated in the competition like Dailymotion, Metacafe, Vimeo, and others. Gradually the world transitioned to streaming videos but uses also realized that video streaming completely is dependent on an Internet connection. So a question that began to arise in connection to this was how a user could watch videos on the go via a mobile data connection which may not be strong enough or in a remote place with no network connections as such. The only possible answer to this was if these video streaming websites allowed offline viewing and the download of videos. This concept, however, was not a hit with these websites as they realized that downloading of videos would result in lower website visits and lesser traffic. aTube Catcher is an app that simplifies this problem because it can grab videos from any website and download it on a user’s hard drive.


aTube Catcher Download

aTube Catcher – Why its a Best You Tube Downloader:

Now you know how to download and get the app on your Android device. So it is time for you to know in depth about what this app really offers. You already know its primary function which is to grab and download videos from major video streaming websites.

  • That is the first thing on our list. The aTube Catcher helps in downloading videos from all websites. Not only does it download the video but the user also has the option to convert it directly into the desired format so that it can be played across a variety of devices. The app interface is really simple and is easy to use even for a first time user. There is a Screen Record feature which can capture everything from games to Skype video calls and there is also and Audio Recorder which can record the music while a user streams and listens.
  • This app is a very versatile one also because it combines many functions together into one which is also one of the primary reasons that it has become so popular in the world right now. The aTube Catcher can also burn CDs, DVDs, as well as Blu-Ray discs so that a user can easily save his/her favorite content physically.
  • A video editor is also incorporated in the app by which you can change formats, cut videos and also join multiple videos together.
  • If you were watching something that is streaming live and you want to save it for future viewing then you can use the Stream Catcher feature that is present in the app. It is much like recording live television.


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As you can well understand now, the aTube Catcher is a must have on every device because it has the great ability to assemble a lot of functions into one single app. Therefore, getting this app means that you will not have to install a different app for every different function. The only thing that you have to be careful about is that while installation you have to uncheck the extra software that it installs

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The new version also supports playlists, causing the program to work as a real download manager. With turbo speed enabled, throughput can reach up to 600% faster than normal. automatically. The extra software, in this case, is the toolbar. Do not waste time. Go ahead and get it.

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How to download the aTube Catcher?

So first I will be telling you how you can download this amazing app, the aTube Catcher onto your Android device. Since this app violates some codes and rules of Google’s ethics list, this app cannot be found on the Google Play Store and, therefore, you have to directly download it off the Internet. Follow the steps that I have listed below and you will I have downloaded and installed the app on your device without breaking a sweat.


  • The first thing that you need to do is to search the Internet for a big name and reliable website to download this app from. This is because small and unrecognized websites might provide you the APK file but do not guarantee stable and untampered files.
  • As soon as you complete downloading the file, you have to go to your phone Settings and click on the Security tab. On the Security menu, you will find an option called Unknown Sources. Click on it and enable the option. This is done because Android does not trust apps from outside the Google Play Store and therefore starts giving out frequent warnings which might become a bit annoying. Sometimes your operating system also creates hurdles which might result in the app going corrupt. By completing this process, these problems are taken care of.
  • These two steps are the most important and after doing them you can just go ahead and install the app after reading through the Permissions.

Note: Remember to disable the Unknown Sources option that you had previously activated because it might create a security vulnerability that malicious apps and hackers might exploit.

aTube Catcher Download Here

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